Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Long Slow Road to Poverty

The international money changers have to bring America to its proverbial knees economically. They have got to keep up the myth of the dollar system long enough to be able to squeeze in their social agenda as a "cure." In reality, these do not cure anything, but continue the path toward ruination and bankruptcy. Along the way, the Fed and their buddies are able to loot the country for the remaining wealth with bailout bills and false predictions of financial armageddon.

The stock market is an absolute joke. Currently, the biggest suckers' rally in the history of the world is taking place. The system is being kept afloat somehow- either by the bailout money that continues to go around in a circle- or just by blatant computer fraud. Either way, the market is not reacting the way it should with respect to oil, gold, silver, and the dollar. It will take a full scale collapse of the dollar's worth on "main street" to finally alert people to the calamity before them. The television and newspaper pundits constantly cheerlead from the sidelines, predicting recoveries, and praising the work of the criminal Fed. The whole situation is nothing short of absurd.

However, a few indices have reacted the way they should. The Baltic Dry Index, the figure that shows how much product is moving over the seas, fell off a cliff in late 2008. It has seen little improvement as the biggest ghost fleet in the history of the world is moored off the coast of southeast Asia.

Gold and Silver have been radically manipulated during the current depression. Even as the countries that have been funding America through U.S. Treasury-purchasing are refusing to buy up any more of the U.S. debt, the gold price refuses to rise dramatically like it should. Silver should follow along with this rise and the dollar index should react inversely- it should drop like a stone.

The power to make decisions needs to be taken back from the criminal Fed and again restored to the American people. The power comes from the Fed's ability to manipulate and control. Through these means, the Fed, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and others are able to quell an all-out rejection of their failed policies. In the meantime, they are able to create more chaos, take away more freedoms, and solidify their dreams of a new world order. This is what they are after: one caste of a small number of elite individuals; and underneath them, a caste of enslaved imbeciles who have no chance of ever being free.

Evidence of the failure to recognize the problems of a failing currency is present in the pursuit of the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are completely useless from an economic standpoint. They produce nothing. Obscene amounts of money are being allocated for an event that will build buildings and stadiums that will be used once and then likely have no purpose in society. Fiat money systems are always producing construction and using up materials that are of no benefit to humankind. Meanwhile, people are forced to live and purchase from the grocery store poisonous food with a depreciating currency. This, too, is completely absurd.

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