Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Don't Be Weak

Disclaimer: We at The National Pulse are not cowards. If you cannot bear to look as evil people seal your future and the future of your children, go to some other site that fits your brainwashed little mind. If defeating tyrants and gaining your freedom appeals to you, welcome.

It is not time to relax. Fighting the New World Order and all their minions is exhausting, but there is no time to rest. The evildoers, led by Obama and the other leaders of the world, are stumbling forward with their destructive plan of world domination. They are scared of losing control by proceeding too fast, so their plan is to keep going with their same game of incrementalism.

The pressure is applied consistently, mini-wars are won or lost, yet the overall goal of the program remains the same- elimination of national sovereignty in favor of an elite-led world government that will punish dissent. Once the national boundaries are erased and constitutions usurped, human rights will suffer dramatically. The vast majority of humanity will be born into a life of slavery much like a pet animal. They will be allowed to work for the glorification of the elite. Dissent will be nonexistent as the first signs will be crushed by the masters who control the food supply and all human needs. The New World Order hopes to usher in a new era of the "giant plantation." Upon its conception, transfers of wealth will be a thing of the past. The elite will have assured their place at the top of the pyramid for a long, long time.

Their hope is that people will be too ignorant, too lazy, and too scared to stand up to them. They are banking on the fact that most people will be content to serve the masters as long as they be allowed to live. The scared think that once the threat of crisis is averted, everything will return to "normal", they'll be able to buy shit they don't need, drive miles and miles to their unproductive job, and watch football on Sundays. What they don't understand is the economic landscape has shifted dramatically. The ignorant cowards do not understand that their masters whom they love so much, have abandoned them, in fact, used them as collateral, to achieve world domination. The masters have wasted the peoples' lives in unnecessary wars, made them debt-slaves, and are prepared to finally end the last shred of dignity once attributed to this great nation- wipe away their national sovereignty effectively nullifying the Constitution.

Though there are many cowards who wish this problem would just go away, there are plenty more ignoramuses. Slowly this group has begun to awaken. Evidence of their awakening has been seen in the "Tea Parties" and the health care town hall meetings. Unfortunately, many of these people are unable to see through the false left/right paradigm created by the masters. Therefore, many people are easily swayed by the abundant disinformation purported by FOX news and the other mainstream media outlets. Their anger is real, but their focus is askew.

For the people who realize the gravity of the harm being done to them on a daily basis, the hope of killing the new world order is tantalizing. The clock is ticking and the elite knows they have got to speed up their tyranny or all will be lost. Obama was supposed to have convinced America to turn over all their health care information to the IRS by now. Obama was supposed to have led Congress to enact anti-gun legislation, severely curtailed Americans' second amendment rights. The swine flu was supposed to scare people wildly into taking a poisonous vaccine. By now, there was supposed to be a North American Union.

These measures haven't failed as much as they have been set aside for a later date. The American people beat them back on some of the issues but by no means has the war been won. A similar situation is the climate proposal in the United Nations.
English Prime Minister Gordon Brown is clamoring for Obama to show up in Copenhagen this December and sign the climate treaty, ending the republic of America. The White House, however, has decided against it.

That doesn't mean they are giving up with their traitorous agenda. Far from it. Obama is proceeding,
signing on with backwards government to curtail free speech. Their boldness is almost laughable if it weren't so real. That makes it extra sad. Millions and millions of Americans roundly rejected his "public option" health care reform, yet he still is going forward with it; using the mainstream media to make up cockamamie polls.

The point is this: they are moving forward with their evil plan regardless if you look at them and declare bullshit or not. We at The National Pulse pledge to go down acknowledging and fighting, unafraid of their fear-mongering evil.

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