Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Watch Out For The Traitors!

Some many forces are invading the corrupted ones' arguments, the protectors of tyranny do not know what to defend next. The best defense is a consistent offense; the globalists have been steadily mounting an offensive complete with poisonous vaccines, scientifically engineered diseases, meaningless wars, and unjustified taxes. The tyrannical forces are threatened by the truth and even though they own all the mainstream media organs, the vast majority of Congress, and the Presidency, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cover over the truth. The program of globalization is being slowed with every erroneous lie delivered by the elite's puppets.

The traitors who wish to subvert the truth for their elite masters follow a simple formula. They make believe they are part of the movement for real change. By infiltration, they are able to head the truth movement off at the pass and redirect it, so that the thieves will be safe. Right now, this is happening to Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill, H.R. 1207.

As the economy has spun out of control with bankers simply stealing taxpayer money, the populist roar has grown louder. No longer are people interested in "reform." The people want the culprits held accountable. The people do not want more of the same. This means the thieves who had the power must now relinquish it. The criminal Fed wants to have their cake and eat it, too.

Senators Jeff Merkley (D – Oregon) and Bob Corker (R – Tennessee) are sponsoring the “Federal Reserve Accountability Act” legislation. This legislation calls for an examination of the TARP ( Troubled Assets Relief Program) without examining the Fed's monetary policy. The Fed has adamantly denied anybody besides themselves looking into monetary policy because if anyone did, the findings would cause a total loss of confidence in the dollar. The people would see how much money is in circulation and recognize the loss of purchasing power and that the dollar is what it looks like- a piece of worthless paper.

Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 specifically calls for the Government Accountability Office to look into just that- monetary policy. Ron Paul knows that once the Fed is exposed for the liars that they are, ending the Fed will follow shortly after.

When bills like this come to the floor of Congress, it is easy to see why this country is in the predicament it is in. The good people, the truthseekers, are belittled and diminished by sycophantic traitors. Those trying to score points with the old establishment will be in big trouble after everything shakes out. Because the truth will come out. The Federal Reserve's days are numbered. The question is: Will the American people rout them out before the country is signed away to an international organization?

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