Friday, October 16, 2009

Work For No Money

The Internet is an extraordinary force for thought. In the past, the new world order, global forces of oppression were able to suppress information long enough so that people, working in their day job, could not even begin to resist. Nowadays, those who are concerned for the sovereignty of what is left of America swim like piranhas to the problem. When the facts are exposed, the ulterior motives proved sinister, movements are stopped in their tracks and the elite is forced to change, alter, and sometimes, reverse their nefarious course. The debate over health care reform has been an example of this struggle. The Congress will pass some sort of health care- regardless of how many phone calls are made to the criminal Congressmen. The point is this: they still think they can win and this a bad thing for humanity. The United Nations, the global banking cartel, and Obama as the front man for the new world order must be stopped and stomped until they realize that they will not ever win.

After being holed up in in-depth, high-level meetings stiffing people whom he owes money, Obama is back at the game again, promoting "volunteerism." Never mind the economy crashing, the dollar being replaced as the reserve currency, tent cities sprouting up all over America, two wars raging and being lost, million of Americans unemployed, and no real solution in sight- don't worry about that. Obama wants you to work for free. Who needs an economy when everyone works for free? Problem solved.

Obama has no intention of saving the economy. He wants to keep playing the tired old game to keep it alive long enough to ruin every last thread of the country. He and his advisers are thinking generations down the road and the mainstream media is sure to have a big role in corrupting young minds. The assault on American's un-intelligent consciousness will be deft; story lines of sitcoms will be interwoven with examples of the benefits of volunteerism. Volunteerism is just part of the program. They will also promote climate control (taxes). The Hollywood assholes that think this is heart-warming are just completely brainwashed and flattered to think Obama is actually using them to help the world.

Big city mayors and Hollywood announced on September 10th a new initiative to promote volunteerism. Obama has been adamant about creating a "civilian national security force, just as well funded as the military." No capitalistic economy could support such a venture without taxing the citizens to death. Therefore, it is easy to see Obama has no plan for American citizens to retain private money, make a profit, or have any economic autonomy. This will be reserved to a small elite group of businessmen who decide how best to control the masses.

Obama keeps plodding along with the new world order agenda. Will the truth come out in time? In December, Obama is set to sign a treaty (remember: treaties super cede Constitutions) effectively turning over America's sovereignty to the United Nations. On Wednesday, a British Lord announced to the world what exactly is going to happen in Copenhagen in December. The Nobel Peace Prize winner is going to complete the transfer of American sovereignty to the United Nations. Click here to see his closing remarks.

They keep moving forward on all fronts, oblivious to the people, because they know there is going to be masses upset with these decisions. They simply do not care. They are preparing to seize all forms of communication, including the Internet. Sen. Jay Rockefeller's bill, S. 773 intends to put control of the entire Internet into the president's hands in the event of "an emergency" to decide which programs live or die on the Internet.

The bottom line is this: they do not want you to know the egregious crimes they are committing upon your freedom. If you do know and get pissed, they don't care, they are still going to do it. The more people who demand they stop, the harder it will be for them to succeed.

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