Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dollar Shenanigans

A while back, The National Pulse ran a piece naming a few possible scenarios that could occur. We considered all the preceding events and deduced by the Anglo-led faction trying to destroy America to usher in the New World Order. There are a few routes the cartel could take. None of which, however, right now are working.

The elite have painstakingly designed this collapse of the world economy. For over a hundred years, the elite financial powers and other globalist groups have engineered the purposeful deconstruction of the U.S. Constitution. The U.S. must be broken for the New World order to work. With all its problems, the U.S. still offers the best semblance of freedom around the world. Therefore, the diminishing power of the U.S. has been purposeful, thought-out, and planned.

It is times like these, when they are stalling for time, trying to make a decision, when it is difficult to see what ruse they are going to try and pull off next.Will they try and hype the swine flu even more and vaccinate everybody with a poisonous vaccine that will clearly create more problems than prevent? Will they use the newly created swine flu "national emergency" as an excuse to curtail the Internet and institute martial law? Will they start another foreign war? Or will their actions be a combination of all of these?

It is hard to tell. However, it is clear that the status quo cannot last. The zombie dollar has run its course. It is time for the Federal Reserve to pay their creditors. Many economists are predicting a severe correction in the stock market. This is, in itself, a joke considering the market has been falsely propped up for a year with taxpayer money. According to Peter Schiff, every investor has been leaving equities and investing in tangibles- gold, silver, or land. only the insane would be buying American Treasury bills right now. Since Ron Paul announced that the Chinese were going to stop purchasing U.S. debt, the dollar Index has dropped from 86 to 75. Recently it has fought off sinking lower but as Nouriel Roubini noted yesterday, a dollar rise right now could crush the market.

The day of impact is fast approaching. It is important for the American people to keep doing what they have been doing. The American people have stopped playing their stupid consumerism game. The people are waking up to the terrible immorality of their Federal Reserve System. Today, a State Department official quit in objection to our actions in Afghanistan. Every single person in the State Department and Pentagon with a conscience should do the exact same thing until the crooks stop their treachery.

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