Monday, October 26, 2009

Swine Flu Phooey!

The swine flu vaccine- the soft-kill constructed by the eugenicist, climate controlling, global banking consolidators is losing steam every day. What was meant to frighten the people and send them rushing to their doctors has backfired. The hapless, criminal Obama Administration, unable to garner any trust from the people is scrambling to keep trying to sell the poison to the American people. Who would believe these losers? That is a good question. Apparently, some have and have received the shot; a cocktail of poisons which hasn't been thoroughly tested and may have severely detrimental side effects. Swine flu itself is a man-made disease that was cultured in a laboratory.

Peoples' bodies are again a "bridge too far" for this criminal organization. In August, the people roundly rejected the idea of a public health option which would destroy the private health care industry. As much as the Administration tried to convince everybody otherwise, they were shown to be liars and ignoramuses. Obama was even challenged to a debate by a college student about the health care issue and though he tried to joke about it, he would have been crushed by that kid. There is not enough lawyerese in the world that would prove the public option to coexist next to the private health care industry. Inherently, the public services devour the private industry. It is the nature of the beast. This rejection, however, by the people hasn't stopped the uncaring idiots of the U.S. Congress. They are determined to ram the public option down the American peoples' throats no matter what.

The swine flu won't be any different. The government has invested the people's money they stole from the bank bailout into this vaccine. Even though the mainstream media, the public schools, and law enforcement of every level has been alerted to the swine flu threat, the people have questioned and stalled before believing the corrupt Obama Administration. The differences in opinion about the severity of the swine flu has caused a great deal of confusion. Yet the Administration keeps the myth alive, albeit weakly, with announcements and warnings. On Saturday, President Obama declared the swine flu a "national emergency." This was not, however, the kind of emergency that would require his own children, two young girls both in the target range of the virus, to be vaccinated. Translation: the emergency is not for the patrician class- only the plebeians. The Germans have exposed a similar problem with the available vaccines. Apparently, some people have received a vaccine with different adjuvants.

Logical people have been questioning the government's zeal at vaccinating everybody. Despite the fact that the virus has already been circulating, Health czarina and Bilderberg member, Kathleen Sebelius, has urged Americans to get the vaccine because it is "not too late." The Administration is pushing hard for the people to get vaccinated, yet the vaccine has encountered numerous obstacles in the distribution process. Ultimately, the fraud of the evildoers will show through and be exposed.

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