Wednesday, October 28, 2009

You Don't Gotta Believe

The old adage is proving true once again- "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink." The American people are not responding to the problems the way the elite had envisioned them responding. What is happening is a Mexican stand-off of gigantic proportions. All the manipulation, all the lies, all the economic persecution are being exposed. Instead of the expected knee-jerk reaction from the populace, what the people are doing is the unexpected. They have stopped believing. (There are many examples of the Hegelian Dialectic throughout history. Click here, here and here for some excellent sites exploring this model of exploitation and oppression)

Why would anybody believe what Obama, the front-man for the New World Order, has to say any longer? Everything they do is the wrong thing. We, at The National Pulse challenge anybody to come up with one thing the Administration has done right. Nobody can because the crisis was designed. Here is Rahm Emmanuel explaining how "you never want to waste a good crisis." What he means is, during times of upheaval and strife, these times are a good opportunity for the government to gain more control over peoples' freedoms.

The problem for the globalist oppressors is that they have worn out the panic button with the American people. Despite the emotional and psychological trauma inflicted on the people by the attacks of 9/11, even the most stalwart brainwashed Americans are having reservations about each governmental step. Presently, all the problems are accelerating much quicker, factions of once allied forces are defecting, and the situation is coming undone at the seams.

The War in Afghanistan has been lost. The Taliban have defeated the half-hearted American effort because they live there. For the elite, a quagmire in Afghanistan was the goal all along. A great distraction for the people and the military, as rats inside the government looted the depleted Treasury and incrementally deconstructed the Constitution and individual liberty. Yesterday, it was reported that Hamid Karzai's brother has been being paid by the CIA to among other things, "to operate the Kandahar Strike Force, an armed group that is used for raids against suspected Taliban fighters." To be clear: Your tax dollars are being used to pay warlords to act in any way they see fit underneath the banner of the United States. Deep divisions within the once-idealistic Obama Administration have resulted because of the realization of what Obama was chosen to do: institute the New World Order.

The swine flu hoax has been an excellent example of a failed concoction of problem, reaction, solution. It has failed because people don't believe their panic. People know that the disease was cultured in a laboratory. People know the vaccine was created before the disease infected the population. Literate people are realizing that most of the deaths that have occurred and attributed to the swine flu have been due to previous existing health problems. People know that the vaccine was hurriedly tested and approved and the adjuvants contain poisonous materials that cause all kinds of negative side effects. Now, pathetically, vaccine may have to be discarded after billions of taxpayer money was appropriated to the big pharmaceutical companies.

But perhaps the largest most tremendous sea change in public opinion is occurring because of the American peoples' loss of confidence in the dollar. The criminal Fed and Treasury with the likes of Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner are not only not believable, they tell outright lies. Yesterday, Geithner said the dollar will remain the reserve currency for a "long time." It doesn't matter to them, anyway, the writing is on the wall. The dollar is doomed. They figure they may as well run the lie all the way to the end....they'll have to escape in the dark of night anyhow.
Consumer confidence fell to a new low yesterday. People are losing their jobs far quicker than the government's estimates. A sea change has occurred in American spending habits. They are not buying. GMAC said yesterday that it would need billions more in bailout money to survive collapse. Many Americans have flown out of the U.S. dollar, withdrawing their money from the thieving banks and buying real money, like gold and silver. Americans are finding a long lost attribute that used to be a hallmark quality of this once-great country: self-reliance.

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