Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You Have Got To Cook The Frog Slowly

The hard part about frog-cooking is finding the perfect temperature. To cook the frog a person needs to put the frog in the pot where it will sit calmly and cook slowly. Eventually, the temperature will gradually overtake the frog and kill it. However, if the temperature is alarmingly hot, the frog will leap out of the pot and escape.

The elite are trying to use this time of crisis to reign in their New World Order. If they were to be honest about their aims for America their plan would be unlikely to succeed. Even the Americans who have paid little attention as Congress usurped their liberties will wake up and resist. Though they have been much bolder in war-ravaged Europe, the elite have been walking a tightrope here in America- deliberately avoiding discussion avoiding real discussion of the New World Order in the hopes they might be able to sneak it past without too much resistance.

The economic time is short for the elite as they try to break America's will. During the campaign, Obama never mentioned the public option when stumping about health care. Even though health care was his and the Democrat party's favorite subject, he never once mentioned that this would be part of his proposed program. He thinks he is slick but there are a lot of people waiting for him to utter the magic words "new world order." Thus far, he has switched around the order of the words and described essentially the same plan using different words. At this point it is too late to "legally" usher in the New World Order." Too many deadlines and not enough thorough explanations are forcing the elite to rush their plan and as they do, people are finding out.

The elite will have to, in effect, "shut the lights out" on communication between citizens and create a controlled panic from which to exploit the people. A proposed bill to give the President the power to control the Internet is one such measure. Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, from a Federal Reserve elite family, is proposing a bill that would give the President the power to shut down the Internet. Of course, Rockefeller has said that this bill won't shut down the Internet. Don't you trust the President to only shut it down for a real emergency?

The agenda has not worked. The elite couldn't get their story straight in time. Not enough people got scared of the swine flu enough to take the cocktail-full-of-poison vaccine. People read the health care bill and realized some definite truths about the economics of health care. The green revolution has been weak for Obama as Americans are more worried about their money than the environment at the present. Ah, yes, the money. The National Pulse was worried a new currency, instantly usurping America's sovereignty, could have been snuck right by the American sheeple with not so much as an eyelash batted. But now with everybody finally watching with a sceptical eye; many no longer believing that the government is even remotely interested in the best interests of the people is the time America is ready for the truth.

Enter Dr. Ron Paul, the Champion of the Constitution. Dr. Paul's bill, H.R. 1207 is due for debate next week around the same time as the globalist usurpers meet in Pittsburgh for the G20 Summit. His truth with be highlighted set against the gangsters in Pittsburgh as they are surrounded by irate Americans forced to be segregated in "free speech zones." Ron's words cannot be denied by the mainstream media any longer. The National Pulse looks for Ron Paul's speech during these hearings to be the greatest testament of American liberty in the history of the nation. Tune in.

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