Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here Comes Freedom

The Federal Reserve and all the their operatives are pulling out all the stops to try and divert the public attention from themselves. Congressman Ron Paul has opened up peoples' eyes to America's fundamental core. He is by far the smartest man in the room when it comes to adherence to the Constitution and sound money. His steady, consistent approach to the priciples of liberty and economic freedom have put him head and shoulders above the rest of the partisan hacks. A resurgence in the beliefs of liberty has transformed the discussion and many Americans are realizing how far the country has strayed from its defining principles. Dr. Paul and his supporters are now hot on the trail to hold the real culprits accountable for the serious injuries done to the American people. Power over monetary policy and the power to set interest rates have enormous consequences in the lives of Americans. To have kept this shrouded from the view of the public has not only been un-American, it has been and is immoral.

The corporate media is desperate to get the public off the scent of the deceptive President Obama. Today, Bilderberg member and ex-President Jimmy Carter provided a desperate attempt to provide a little chaos in the discussion. He alleged that the protesters who marched on Washington last Saturday and others who oppose the Presidents fascistic agenda are racist. This is a predictable ploy by the elite to distract people from the facts. The last time The National Pulse checked, Barack Obama was also half-white.

The policies of the Federal Reserve are causing the country to slowly rot away from the inside and the elite is running out of answers why the Fed should not be audited. They have orchestrated every market bubble, crash, financed every war, and are now purposely destroying the dollar to end America's sovereignty. When the G20 Summit meets next week in Pittsburgh, Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve will be up for debate in the House of Representatives. These simultaneous occurrences should be contrasted against each other very clearly to give the American viewing public an excellent look at the correct way to move forward.

As long as Barack Obama is the front man for the international banking cartel trying to subjugate America under the United Nations and a world currency, he will have people who hate his very existence. There are reasons people despise him and none of which are because he is African-American.

Click here to read an excellent conversation about our economic mess with the brilliant Dr. Ron Paul.

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