Friday, September 18, 2009

The Difficulty of Optimism

The night is always darkest before the dawn. In the struggle against the New World Order globalizing forces, some days the chances for humanity's survival appear bleak. It starts to appear as though the people cannot win as the elite media starts accelerating on all fronts. It is times like these we need a hard, steady, common sense approach to assess the probable results of true human action. The National Pulse, with all its skepticism, cannot help but be optimistic about elite's haplessness. Failure of their plan is assured when the acceleration of the plan causes the nuanced incrementalism to become bold action.

A nagging problem for Americans has been the H1N1 swine flu and the push to vaccinate everyone. Various government agencies have teamed up with the press to orchestrate a perceived outbreak and successive mass inoculation. Legislative bodies in various states have already passed laws requiring citizens to be vaccinated. Various measures meant to induce martial law have also been constructed with the Department of Homeland Security leading the way. Amidst all the confusion, the potential nefarious plan now seems clear.

  1. Try to vaccinate everybody

  2. Those not vaccinated will have to wear a stainless steel bracelet with an RFID chip to track every movement of their person. Refusing persons will be denied other services such as public restrooms, use of public schools, and shopping at public grocery stores.

  3. A massive roadblock program will be instituted to either vaccinate the rest of the population or transfer those unwilling to the fully operational internment camps.

The vaccine, recently approved by the FDA, is a cocktail of inorganic poisons known to cause neurological damage. Find out more about the vaccine here.

Now- it is important to realize the role of the local policeman in this situation. Policeman delivering the ultimatum and following through with this plan will be the most reviled people in the community. People will fight them. That is not a threat, but a promise. If they thought managing roadblocks in Iraq was tough- wait until they try that in Tennessee or any of the American states.

Common sense tell us something different. Policeman also have children and many law enforcement members have a discerning mind. Over half of the American public realizes that something is amiss in their government. Therefore, The National Pulse has all but dismissed the swine flu as an impetus for martial law.

Again, next week the discussion of Ron Paul's bill to audit and end the Federal Reserve system will be debated. As much as the Administration and the elite would like to change the subject, the intelligent in America are watching with a stern and unflinching eye. Here is a list of the co-sponsors. Here is a list of the cowardly bitches. Now remember, a clever ploy is to be a co-sponsor and then vote against the bill. This is the last chance for the lawmakers to switch allegiance to the people instead of the foreign power they have been serving.


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