Monday, September 21, 2009

Hurry Up and Crash It, We Aren't Scared

Every so often since America's future was stolen with the passage of the bailout bill, The National Pulse and its editors feel overwhelmed with the awesome possibility of what could possibly occur next. Most Americans shrug these possibilities off as the ideas of conspiracy theorists and nut jobs. However, they are just ignorant slaves who have been born into a life of slavery- a dream world where there are no repercussions for lousy credit, no penalty for debt. The mainstream media has perpetuated the perennial falsehood of America's dominance. They have purposely provided imaginary enemies for the American people to focus their ire upon while simultaneously bilking their money from them through illegal taxes. The U.S. foreign empire that has been accumulated in the years since World War II is about to be defeated.

We are entering one of the most confusing times in the history of the world. Old alliances or perceived friendships are fading as the dollar's value approaches the needed correction. Yes, the Federal Reserve must be audited. But the crime has already been committed. The money is already owed. The American people are already on the hook for an ungodly amount of money to the Chinese who outnumber them drastically. Eminent domain has already been granted by the vicious traitors that falsely represent America.

America cannot win a war against China. Any blue-blood redneck in camouflage shorts who wants to disagree on that point is just plain wrong. If they so wished, they could crush America with sheer numbers. Besides, America has been dumbed down and persecuted for so long over the years of the Fed's rule that they are ripe for the picking. America has been rotted away from the inside. The wrong people have gotten control and sold the future of American freedom to the highest bidder. Legal language has been constructed to thwart the Constitution in order to make a large plantation of America.

What is needed right now is a rapid collapse of the dollar. It's true- the potential for chaos will be apparent. But only then will the Fed lose control and enough for people to realize that their situation is not as lovely as they have been told. Many Americans still believe they live on the best country on Earth and that they are free. Many Americans have bought the myth that the economy will improve; or, at the very least,that it really doesn't concern them anyhow, an attitude the American populace has has displayed before in response to other matters of their national sovereignty in recent years.

For instance, the majority of Americans still believe they will enjoy a pension when they retire. This is lunacy. Without even looking at the threat of inflation, the money has been stolen by international bankers trying to save their own ass. It is gone. It is sheer insanity that, 20, or even five years from now, that the currency will have retained any small fraction of its already puny 2009 purchasing power. The only thing that is keeping the Federal Reserve afloat is "confidence" in the dollar. However, when the confidence becomes exposed for it's inflationary nature the markets will be forced to adjust and many will look to gold. Most, however, will have to buy silver because the gold will be too expensive by then for the majority of Americans.

This is why the audit is necessary- to speed things up. The Fed wants to operate at their own pace, ruining the country and at the same time, acting as mediator for the Chinese to come parcel out American land and mineral rights. The Eurpoean-led Federal Reserve financiers figure they might still be able to have a sphere of influence in the States the longer they can string this collapse out. So they continue to weaken the population with weaponized influenzas, genetically modified foods, and flouridated water (click here for a fluoridated water map of the world). It is win-win for them. They are able to buy time with the Chinese, who treat their people like dogs anyway, as they try and save their own ass. Time after time, the real power has been able to escape detection and been able to retain power.

It's time for America to show some balls and grab their freedom at whatever the cost. Because this aint livin'.

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