Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bullying Days Are Near An End

The world has had a bully for a long time and time is running out on that paradigm. Just as it happens in grade school, students grow up and eventually the hormones even things out. It is the natural order of things. The ebb and flow of equilibrium that has been distorted so profusely by the American economy who as 4% of the population use over 40% of the world's resources. The United States now faces collapse and will not receive much sympathy from the rest of the world as it spirals toward bankruptcy and all that lack of good credit entails: famine, loss of sovereignty, chaos, and probably blood, lots of blood.

President Obama better be careful who he bullies from the "bully pulpit." During the current health care debate in which he tried to consolidate power over Americans' physical lives in order to enable the IRS to easily liquidate their alleged assets, he accused sane Americans of lying. As they pointed out aspects of the ridiculously terrible bill, he consistently alleged that "special interests" or people were trying to lobby for their "interests." The people at the town hall meetings were realizing a direct seizure of their rights to privacy and the fact that ONCE GOVERNMENT IS INVOLVED IN THE ECONOMY OF HEALTH CARE, THE DEATH KNELL OF PRIVATE HEALTH CARE WILL HAVE SOUNDED.

Obama continues to be dishonest about the health care bill in his dogged pursuit of its passage. Since Rep. Joe Wilson blurted out, "You lie!" during his joint session of Congress speech, the Administration has badgered Wilson to apologize profusely. And even when the country is swamped with a gazillion problems, many in the House want to move to censure Wilson for the outburst that many Americans identified with.

A bully always meets his match. In the past we at The National Pulse used to believe Obama understood the economy, he just was mindful of never discussing anything of substance that could solve the real problem. Obama is proving the Pulse wrong with his current tiff with China who has the power to bring the U.S. quite literally to economic ruin. Last Friday, the U.S. imposed tariffs on cheap tires from China in order to help U.S. manufacturers. The U.S. is in NO position to do this to China who has been financing the worthless dollar for years.

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