Friday, September 11, 2009

We Will Win

Today is the anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. The authorities haven't even tried to make this some soppy, tear-jerking remembrance. Check that- if they did, we weren't paying attention. No disrespect to the victims or their families, we at The National Pulse do not believe the lies anymore. This technique has been the bread-and-butter of the Bush Administration in the celebration of the previous anniversaries- to bow our heads and re-focus our collective anger on "Al-Quaeda" or whatever that means to most people. This year people are realizing the enemy is much closer than they had expected.

This year there is a different feeling. An enlightenment is occurring. More and more people are feeling it everyday. The game is up for the manipulators; the monied powers; the elite crime families; however one wishes to call them. The Internet and people's tirelessness has exposed their treachery and the cat is out of the bag. It is clear they cannot win and there will be a loser. The American people will insure their success as quickly as they can pinpoint the real criminals and prosecute them as traitors in full view of everybody.

Benjamin Fulford, who has been doubted by this page before, is coming out with startling news. This information makes too much sense to ignore. Money, as many Americans do not understand does matter. In fact it matters very much. Something has to give. Here are some possible large scene scenarios:

  1. The Bush/Clinton crime family are forced to bear the brunt of the blame for the derivatives heist. These people, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Alan Greenspan, George Bush, Sr., will be chastised in the media and dragged through the mud. Obama and the remaining Trilateralists will try to salvage what influence they have left (a hallmark of his administration has been to use the fact that George W. Bush was incredibly awful as a sort of security blanket). Obama and the remaining elite will try to convince the American people to join the New Economic Order led by China and Russia.

  2. The manipulators will make some sort of false flag attack inducing martial law and start the second American Civil War.

  3. The Fed will surrender, beg for mercy from the American people and the world; the executive and legislative branches will all be fired; the nation will be under temporary martial law until the first lawful election since 1912 is administered throughout the country.

Regardless of what they decide to do, The National Pulse is not worried and not hard to find. To the elite:


In 1935, Father Charles E. Coughlin was quoted about the situation in his country:

"Tens of thousands of good Americans were convinced that they were the victims of an international conspriacy aimed at enslaving them. I knew damn well that the little people, the average man, was suffering. I also knew that no one had the courage to tell the truth about why this nation was in such mortal danger. I knew that if anyone was going to inform the American citizenry of the truth it would have to be me."

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