Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Courage of the Few

Dwelling on the negative is discouraging for truth seekers everywhere; but necessary to dismantle the lies that surround the truth. Too often we here at the Pulse focus on our the enemies of freedom too much instead of accentuating the heroes in our midst, struggling for justice. The struggle against the centralization of governmental power, or the New World Order, has been a long struggle; one that has spanned generations. This is one reason why many people cannot grasp the reality that is happening around them. Without the knowledge of historical precedents, the people are easily suckered into solutions that end up forfeiting their freedoms mile by mile, but more likely, inch by inch.

Our present situation has been fermenting for a long time. From this country's inception, a tug-of-war has existed between those who wanted complete freedom and those who wanted to be part of the "mothership." Those who were unwilling to break from the colonizing country acted as agents for the foreign country. This often was in economic terms, insuring the original homeland's right to profits from the "free", or colonized, country.

Throughout our country's young history, little has changed in allowing people more freedom and more opportunity. What has happened is an incremental seizure of freedom through manipulation of the economic system and the legislative bodies. In the twentieth century, the ideas of the masters came into full view with the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This act was a forfeiture of monetary policy buy Congress to private international bankers. Since that time, the country has been on a roller coaster of booms and busts; armistice and war. Every boom, bust, and war has been orchestrated on purpose by the monied powers to either gain more power and influence or bail out their friends.

Back in the early years of the Fed, when many still had distinct remembrances of the Congress-led economy and the American gold standard, many more people were aware of what was happening to their country. Therefore, the international financiers began a program of incrementalism, taking rights and bastardizing the Constitution piece by piece. The result is today's situation where Constitutional violations occur on a daily basis at the highest levels of government.

Today, in the putrid filth of Washington, only one person stands as a real human being. Ron Paul, Congressman from Lake Jackson, Texas, is the only person with the knowledge and courage to challenge America's real enemies. These enemies enjoy domestic power and influence and are rotting the country from the inside out.

Ron Paul has been the stalwart leader of the freedom movement ever since he arrived in Washington more than 30 years ago. Support Ron's bill H.R. 1207, the audit of the Federal Reserve, which is due up for a vote this fall. The criminals who are in control are frightened of this bill and will do anything to prevent an actual audit of the monetary policy. It will be the first step right America's wayward ship and establishing a precedent of freedom- the kind guaranteed by the original Constitution.

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