Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Things First, Jive Turkey

Yesterday, Obama gave a speech in the Capitol building to a joint session of Congress. The speech centered around health care. More specifically, the speech was about the urgency of passing health care right now. Right now- as the dollar is plummeting because of the un-constitutional Federal Reserve's policy, Obama is trying to enable the IRS, the "Black Hand" of the Fed, to garner even more control of Americans' private lives. The whole situation is ridiculous and surreal. However, if one does not understand monetary policy or accepts the advice of the paid-for "economists" the solution of the problem will never be discovered.

Obama is attacking the health care problem as if inflation were a fact of life. The costs are unbearable because the Federal Reserve's economic policy has made it hard on everyone- hospitals and insurance companies. No one can plan and allocate funds because of the unpredictability of the currency. Prices have continued to rise because of the economic policy of the Fed. This misdirection by the Administration is nothing but a seizure of power through the guise of helping people. Before Americans turn over all of their personal information to the government, the IRS, and Big Pharma, a serious look at the Fed's balance sheet is a must.

Obama's entire argument does not make sense. Cost, he says, is the number one problem. He says, "no one should have to go broke if they get sick." Right now, people who are not sick are going broke anyway because of the Federal Reserve! Obama claims that the program will not "add a dime" to the national deficit. This allegation is not even worth exploring because it has no basis in reality. His reasoning may work in a hall full of supporters but when bounced up against those with a functioning brain, the explanation is pure fiction.

When an understanding of what truly needs to be done with economic policy and the Federal Reserve is gained, Obama is painful to watch. He is an expert liar who plays to the intellectually incapable, the sycophantic, and the naive. He is a predator. Obama has been told to make health care happen and the Congress will be persuaded to do just that. It is the opinion of this publication, The National Pulse, that health care will be passed despite widespread disgust with the plan. It almost feels as if he is deliberately trying to pick a fight.

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