Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good Little Taxpayers

Well, it has taken a long time, but finally the American public is reacting to the constant intrusion into their lives. Increasingly, fines are being levied by road cameras across the nation. The "Big Brother" state has grown and grown- mostly in secret. There is never much publicity when a red-light camera goes up in the neighborhood. It just happens out of nowhere. All of a sudden, all sorts of unknown electronic devices have adorned ordinary street-light poles. These cameras have done little to deter criminal activity. It hasn't stopped the sleepiest of small towns from going crazy with surveillance cameras. It was only as matter of time before Americans decided to take some revenge on non-sentient beings arbitrarily taking their money.

Now, to be clear- The National Pulse does not condone any kind of vandalism . However, these instances of damage were predictable as more money is stolen by the bankers and inflation each day. Meanwhile, every minor traffic infraction is documented and fines are levied in the name of safety. The National Pulse just knew something had to give. Of the 27 instances since 2007, this publication's, rather the most original, had to be the smiley face that was spray-painted on the camera that "taunted the authorities." Those authorities who think the cameras are a good idea deserve to be taunted and maybe even flipped off.

Small prediction: Look for that number (27) to rise.

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