Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Collapsing Dollar and the Simultaneous Seizure of American Liberty

With so many things hurtling through time and space destined for failure, the time has come to stop everything. The time has come to screech everything to a halt and start afresh with bold courage. The establishment has insisted since 9/11 that America must keep moving forward and not dwell on the negative. Even as Obama promised "change" he has pigeon-holed the debate to serve the interests of the big banks at the expense of the truth. He now insists that we must move forward and not dwell on the past. Why should we move forward if each step is a step in the wrong path?

The zombie-like dollar, that has been artificially kept alive for almost a year now, cannot hold on any longer. Foreign investors refuse to buy the U.S.'s worthless debt. The prices of the sound currencies like gold and silver have skyrocketed despite blatant manipulation. This week the dollar is dropping like a stone against the other paper currencies as foolish investors actually believe they might find refuge in the Euro or Yen or some other IMF-ran currency. Despite the Fed's allegation that they will be able to control inflation, the question remains: what the hell have you been doing so far- seeing how far you can dangle off the cliff?

As the dollar's failure is doing incalculable damage to the American peoples' well-being, Obama is determined to deliver the killer blow against civil liberties. With government involved in the health care economy, the death knell will have sounded for the once free people of this great nation. The transfer to fascism will be complete with government-run health care. Complete control over the physical lives of Americans will be passed to the blood-thirsty corporations who care not about humanity but only about power and profits.

Tonight, the shape-shifting Obama will transfer from encouraging-basketball-coach to his weakest character. Obama will channel Bush and the fear that made America into the police state and foreign aggressor America has been since 9/11. Americans concerned about liberty and even some of his original ardent supporters have seen through this character. The act is getting old. No amount of media influence will change the American peoples' fundamental opposition to government-run health care. Yet, even as the vast majority of Americans overtly oppose the bill, Congress will pass it anyway. Maybe now Americans will see exactly how hapless and truly weak their elected officials become in the face of the monied powers.

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