Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wake Up!!

The creaking and the cracking- the sounds of America's inevitable demise/restructuring- is roaring in some ears while others are lost in the American plantation. The plantation is a dream; set up by the masters to insure their perpertual power. Even as the time of reckoning is upon us, the ignorant continue to seek more indoctrination from the pied piper of the eugenical new world order.

The Obamatrons, many of whom are good people, just cannot grasp the big picture. They cannot fathom that they have been sold a complete lie and that the reality they've grown accustomed to will fade and fast.

As Benjamin Fulford has pointed out- the signs of America's demise are all around us. The collapse of the dollar is imminent as foreign creditors are refusing to deal with the inflationary derivatives that have dominated the world economy's destruction. Unemployment, regardless of what the government declares it to be, is a huge problem and continues to grow. Our military, just a short decade ago the best and brightest, have been over-exposed in needless wars around the globe that have dramatically weakened our country both financially and emotionally. Systematically, the financial leaders have sold the country away, separating the Constitution from the people and incrementally eroding away rights.

Then world is waking up to the fact that America cannot tell the world what policy should be any longer. The once great nation is laughed at all over the globe and our leaders have been forced to bow to other leaders with terrible human rights records. The speed of which this has occurred is amazing, but understandable with a cold look at the facts.

A huge slap in the face awaits some Americans who refuse to recognize their situation.

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