Friday, September 4, 2009

Stay Away From the Kids!

Well, you knew it was coming. The nationalization of all industry is a one-way street to fascism. Obama is advancing on all fronts and now he wants to work on America's children. Obama has not been shy about his desire to nationalize America's children. He has advocated that the federal government take care of American children from "cradle to grave."

During his 2008 campaign he cited America's need for a "national civilian security force just as well funded as the military." For fiscal year 2009, the military budget is $515.4 billion. Obama wants "civilian security specialists" living in America to be just as well-funded. We are able to see the beginnings of this in some of the reactions against the health care protesters of the recent town hall meetings. Members of the SEIU (Service Employees International Union) and others acted as thugs to try and drown out the overwhelmingly grassroots and negative response the health care plan received from Americans.

It is no wonder why parents are upset about this sneaky, underhanded move by the President. First, he doesn't speak to Americans as if he and they are equal. He always speaks in the broadest terms as the Federal Reserve steals billions of dollars and the military acts as the policeman of the world. And now he wants to subvert the wishes of parents by brainwashing educators and the members of the community that surround their children everyday? Who does he think he is?

Nevermind that there is no Constitutional authority to instruct people how to run their lives- the Obama's Administration's plan is to demonize the resistance to the fascistic plans with calls of racism and partisanship. With a mixture of economic control, media coverup, misdirection, and indoctrination of America's youth, the elite want to incrementally transform American society into a national socialist state. To do this, a young indoctrinated generation is a necessity to snitch on others in support of the state.

Obama wants to encourage students to write a letter to him to describe "what they should do to help the President." The National Pulse has written Obama a letter on what it plans to do to help America:

Dear President :

Please accept this letter in full opposition to your proposed health care bill, cap in trade bill,...your green bills, and all economic proposals. You have proven that you do not a understand certain absolute truths about economic realities which, without discussion, strategically prohibit the solution. You could, as President of th United States request that Congress audit the Federal Reserve to save the country from financial ruin or loss of sovereignty. But you will not do that.

So as the agent of change since you are the employee and not the other way around, The National Pulse asks you to be fired. You could really help the country by taking Brzezinski and all the CFR, Trilateral Commission, and Billderberg members with you. That would surely be a boon to this great nation. Complete riddence of you and your abhorrent in-debt friends.

Youre' Welcome, We dont' need anymore, thanks again, go away,,,thankz

The National Pulse

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