Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hold Fast!

The time is most definitely short for the elite in their push for a new world order. Increasingly their motives are being exposed and the exposure of their nefarious aims is becoming more and more clear to Americans. The determination to stop these haters of humanity cannot tire or end because the elite have thrown their chips "all in." Though it may seem as if they are retreating on some fronts they will merely take a couple of steps backwards and re-route to continue their attempt to enslave humanity. Depopulation is the ultimate goal for these bloodthirsty, power-mongers. They are control freaks unlike regular human beings. To defeat those who are pushing for the new world order, success must be won leaving no room for the elite to rise again. A full spectacle must be made of these people so this never, ever happens again.

Though the outrage over the health care proposal was real, Obama's White House is going to move forward anyway and bring a vote on the public option. The National Pulse sees no reason why Obama would quit being the condescending elitist he has been all along, playing to the least intelligent segment of the population and slaving for the owners of the IMF and Federal Reserve. He has to get this done and soon. The stock market and dollar system is already dead. If he fails at confiscating Americans' physical lives through the health care plan, the elite will have to try another ploy to keep the charade alive.

A controlled pestilence won't work. Enough people know about the Fed's massive debt to the world and their weaponized swine flu. If they release the disease, the world will defeat the disease and fully uncover the puppet masters. The attempt to forcefully vaccinate everybody will not work- Americans' will fight to the death for their children. Their weak attempt at fear mongering and mind control has run its course. The game is up.

Another war won't work. Americans are reassessing their patriotism. Blind faith- the overwhelming sentiment has weakened considerable since the attacks of 9/11. With all the scandal associated with Abu Ghraib and the conduct of contractors representing the U.S., Americans have been forced to face the hard truth. We are the bad guy. We are the unlawful aggressor. We are denying people peace and self-determination. Our tax dollars are being used by the Fed to perpetuate a monolithic war machine bent on world financial domination. The time is long overdue to return the troops home to protect Americans' liberties against the thieving banks who have mortgaged our financial lives to insure their decrepit, parasitic lifestyle.

The only answer is another false flag attack. Chaos and misdirection are hallmarks of the elite gameplan. For centuries they have turned brother against brother to achieve their aims. They don't care about human life. Any amount of blood is fair game to guarantee their survival and power. When they are about to be uncovered and exposed for all the evil that they are, provocateurs engage in violence in an attempt to sway public opinion back the other way. With false flag attacks, people essentially then give up some liberty or the quest for truth in exchange for temporary peace. The National Pulse encourages its readership to be vigilant when something like this happens before the Federal Reserve has a chance to be audited and abolished. Don't be duped!

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