Monday, August 31, 2009

The Fallacy of Human Intervention Helping the Economy

Pundits and the leading economists from the so-called "prestigious" universities often like to speak of the economy as if it were a sentient being in need of medical care. Metaphors and similes abound; the economy needs to be invigorated, stimulated, pumped full of money as if it were a heart that would then invigorate the whole body (the nation). The wrong assumption of the paper money economists is that the economy can be manipulated by legislators who direct capital where it is needed and divert resources to "stimulate" the economy. This is a profound misconception. Economics is the result of human action.

When using a sound currency such as gold, inflation has little impact and economics is both easy to understand and predictable. In a fiat money system, inflation and the prejudice of men causes drastic swings in the economic structure. Resources are depleted very quickly as "growth" forces more exploitation of the Earth. It's true- jobs are created; however, when these jobs run their course inflation, or the rise in prices, forces the average earners style of living down. This is why since the Federal Reserve took over in 1913, the style of living for many Americans has gone down. Even with improvements in technology which were supposed to make life easier, quality of life has gotten worse.
In 2009, the situation is coming to a head. The dollar system perished last September with the bank bailout and the pledging of future Americans' tax dollars. Since then, then economy has flat-lined and will not show any improvement until a new system is introduced. The global elitists are waiting to produce a chaotic occurrence once again to throw the American people off of their scent and retain power. They are accelerating with their agenda on all fronts as they attempt to shut down the Internet, squash dissent, and even try to eliminate huge swaths of the population.

That is why The National Pulse is rooting for complete and total economic failure. That is right. You heard me correctly. This publication is not hoping for a quasi- recovery with the same inflationary debt notes. Survival of the Fed's economic system only insures a continuation of the Rothschild/ Rockefeller mercenary war machine which embarrasses and sullies the good name of honest Americans. With the destruction of the economy, abdication by the Fed will be inevitable as they will haplessly try to regain peoples' trust.
To expect the start of a new banking system is naive, however. The controlling powers are prepared to kill to retain their suffocating clench on power. When war and false flag attacks no longer convince the people, they are prepared to inject them full of poison and quarantine the diseased in concentration camps. They are in serious debt trouble and are determined to not pay themselves. These cowards have operated behind the shadows for centuries and The National Pulse does not expect them to just give up- they need to stomped in full view of all free human beings.

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