Friday, August 28, 2009

The Historic Audit of the Fed- H.R. 1207

As the elite do their best to stall and divert attention from the real problem, the movement to unveil these truths are gaining momentum. Texas Congressman, Ron Paul, has introduced a watershed bill (H.R. 1207) to audit the privately-owned Federal Reserve. Paul's approach has been a methodical, marathon-like hammering away at the illegitimacy of the Fed. His entire career, spanning over 30 years, is culminating with the introduction and possible passage of this bill. Congressman Paul has often been denounced as a "kook" by other members of Congress because either they do not understand the monetary system or they are working as sycophantic, un-American operatives for the foreign-owned Federal Reserve banks.

As the economic situation has grown progressively worse, the populist sentiment against the fraudulent Federal Reserve system is growing into rage. The more that people have educated themselves on the Federal Reserve, the more they want to absolve the Fed of its stranglehold of monetary policy. Paul's argument has been a consistent one in favor of restoring the Constitutional mandate of using only gold and silver in payments of debt. Since 1913, when the Fed seized power through manipulation of the Congress, they have caused every depression, foreign war, supported every welfare measure, and incrementally removed the United States from the gold standard, until finally, in 1971, Nixon ended the backing of the dollar by gold for good.

Because of the dire economic tailspin, even the head of the House Financial Services Committee, Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is supporting the bill and believes it will probably pass in October. The disgusting, sexual deviant Frank is suspect, however. He was instrumental in allowing the Fed to loot the Treasury last September with the bank bailout bill and has only recently sided with the bill. This could be an attempt to stop the bill by steering it close and then diverting any real solution to the problem. Frank's version of the audit could include the Fed auditing itself which they have done for years. They simply lie.

The pressure on the Fed is unmistakably palpable. The health care bill, shot down all across they country has awakened the American people to the assault on their personal liberties. The people are demanding accountability. When the President declare that cost is the number one reason to reform the health care system, this inextricably links the health care system to the failed economic policy followed by the Federal Reserve. To avoid a full scale revolution they will have to give the people what they haven't had in a long time- economic freedom from the Fed's manipulation of interest rates. So, get excited- freedom is on the march.

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