Friday, August 7, 2009

Need A Second Opinion?, You Must Be Kidding!

The Obama Administration's attempt at health care reform seems to be less about caring for Americans as it does about controlling Americans' choices. The 1000 page health care bill has not been read by most members of Congress and yet they are being pushed by their leaders to sell it to the American people through town hall meetings.

Currently, the health care situation cannot be separated and discussed without consideration of the economy's shortcomings. The pair are inseparable. The inflating currency has been the major contributing factor in the rising health care cost ( argument #1 for Obama's "reform"). Until the problems that are caused by an unsound currency are addressed, prices will continue to rise. More control, of health care's economy will be its own death. That is everything will be upset negatively. Less competent people will enter the medical field. Government's existence, undercutting prices and mandating participation will end the chance for private health care's chance at profit-taking (note: Obama is often noting that "no one is telling you you can't continue with your health care. What he isn't explaining is the economic fact that will end the private health care industry just like he's done to the auto industry not to mention the banks....) People will have less say about their own lives and be at the mercy of the government to decide what is best for them. The freedom to choose, to take one's business elsewhere will be a thing of the past.
Many in the patriot movement have written about this very situation. The “hidden agenda consists in using the threat of a pandemic and/or the plight of a natural disaster as a pretext to establish military rule” and “suspend Constitutional government and allow the Military to intervene in civilian affairs in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act,” author Michel Chossudovsky wrote in 2005. As America approaches this year's flu season, certain contradictions in government's attitude are increasingly apparent. The government is insisting on vacccinations and devoting billions of dollars for a fall vaccination even though safety tests have yet to be thoroughly done. Yet, as school, a notoriously prevalent place of germ-culturing begins to commence for the fall, the U.S. policy is questionable. Unlike the Mexican government reaction which shut everything down for almost a week, the U.S. is discouraging quick closure for swine flu. So one one hand the WHO (World Health Organization) is calling the virus "unstoppable" and hoping people will be very afraid, in the very next breath, they stop short in authorizing the correct measure to defeat the pandemic.

It is increasingly clear that they real motive for the health care takeover is power. The power to limit nutrition, to perpetuate illness. In collusion with the pharmaeceutical companies, the government will be able to control peoples' lives to ensure they are beholden to the government and always in debt. Control over health is crucial to pacify possible revolt for the base of patriotic Americans. Fighting against sublime subversion of the Constitution will be impossible for an unhealthy public. They will have to accept and suffer what is given to them.
There is much at stake for the Obama-fronted criminal cartel this time. The dominoes could easily start to fall the opposite way should they overstep their bounds. Even the brain-dead Americans have a limit to the abuse they will take from their government.
This is why the Obama Administration is moving on all fronts to disrupt and drown out the dissent. They are even encouraging Americans to snitch on other Americans if they read an article critical of the nationalized health care system. And to think- government is supposed to work for the people instead of spy on and oppress them. Soon these perpetrators of the new world order will show their totalitarian colors. Ideas are bulletproof, however; therefore their attempts at domination could fail quite miserably if the people rise up with knowledge and drown out the establshment's mainstream media-supported argument which amounts to population control through debt and social control.

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