Friday, August 14, 2009

The Master of Bait and Switch Will Lose

Ideas never die. They can be hidden from sight for epochs but eventually what is right and just will rise to the surface of the debate. The U.S. government, as it desperately attempts to rush the American people into a full state of control, is using all its might with the mainstream media outlets (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) to control the debate and sway public opinion. The proposed House of Representatives Health Care Reform Plan is so outrageously drastic the White House is determined to pull out all stops on dissenting opinions. Town hall attendees have been called crazy, illegitimate and racist for disagreeing with the health care plan's Constitutional validity.

The Administration is being pushed by the Federal Reserve to pass the health care bill because they have to gain more control of the people whether by compliance or force. The Fed has taken America's fiat-based economy and destroyed the dollar's value. The Fed has borrowed off of America's collateral long enough and they have to change the game.....start afresh. The injustice is so gross and apparent, they have to demonize the dissent so as to quash the opposition that is bound to follow. The "international citizenry", the New World Order globalists want to abolish all national boundaries in the name of the chance for economic prosperity. They have enjoyed full control of the Congress as they have been busy with other problems.

The truly despicable tactics by the government has been using their bully pulpit (the entire mainstream media) to call dissenters "crazy" and "un-American." Most popular has been their claims of racism about the dissenters' questions and behavior. Racism is the end-all to all arguments. Accusations of racism immediately dismisses the original argument and introduces a chance to attack the dissenting people for other reasons. It is the perfect defense for tyrannical forces to hide behind as they steal everybody's personal liberties. Americans should be wary of believing the spin of the mainstream media and the Obama-led gangster bankers. They, the Federal Reserve, are the people who are in trouble. They need to abdicate.
The health care debate is yet another attempt by the political wing of the cartel to create distraction as the bankers organize their next heist. Inseparable from the debate is the currency issue; specifically monetary policy. The Founding Fathers wrote specifically about monetary policy when crafting the Constitution. They stipulated that only gold and silver be acceptable in payments of debt. For the first 150 years this reined in Congress from overzealous spending without the consent of the citizens that elected them to office. The Fed has caused every financial calamity since coming to power inn 1913 yet they refuse to give up the authority of the job they do so unfairly and poorly for the American people.

The mainstream media isn't the only outlet for which the new World Order seekers to spread their false reality. The banks have created their own "attack dogs." The Southern Poverty Law Center has taken the lead in equating disagreement with policy as racism. There are entire institutions complete with power-ensuring bureaucracy aimed at creating all sorts of prejudiced laws and oppression of free speech. Now, they are sure the rise in the militia movement around the United States is because of an increase in racism. This is strange because most Americans feel it is because the banks stole trillions of dollars from them. The National Pulse encourages its readers to be vigilant as free speech is trampled or else everyone will have to fear for their lives.

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