Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Great Disconnect

The elite are banking on the fact that the public will not seek or be unable to intellectually grasp the truth so as to defeat the New World Order. The elite spend their money, power, and political capital diverting the debate away from the truth. A closed forum has been created and nurtured in America's "free press" where the real cures for the system's ills are almost never exposed until the situation is too late. Incrementally, these elitists have chipped away at human liberties in order to institute a totally controlled world. By using deception and peoples' lack of understanding, they are poised for the final consolidation of power- the elimination national sovereignty in favor of the one-world government and central bank.

The National Pulse used to be of the opinion that the political leaders just didn't understand. This publication used to think government leaders just didn't understand basic economicsor other best ways to protect and defend the Constitution. It is often easy to think that events just end up unfortunately in an ill-fated, peculiar way- by accident. As if lawmakers' intentions were originally good and then events just happened to turn the wrong way. The conversation in the mainstream was designed to convince the public that their leaders were actually trying to solve the problems in the best interests of the people.

But now, faced with unprecedented problems due to the fraudulent pillaging of the American economy by the Federal Reserve, the citizens of the United States are awakening to the ongoing oppressiveness of their situation. It could be too late. From their inception in 1913 until the present, the Fed has festered a long and deep sore on the American economy and Constitution.

There are countless ways to expose the aims and evils of the present administration but perhaps the best is to look at the defense of their policies. Presently, with it all on the line, their credibility and their chance for the evil one world government, they are running out of justification for policy. This hasn't been enough to discourage them. Nowadays, they just become bolder and bolder. They are determined to ram their agenda of population reduction home with a mixture of black propaganda to induce fear and legislation intended to penalize liberty. Instead of battling a possible outbreak of a deadly virus (H1N1) in a caring humanistic way, the Administration is trying to convince the public that an untested vaccine should be a necessity for their life. While other countries have shut down, the U.S. will confusedly continue to operate. These adjustments are sure to enhance the spread of an epidemic not defeat it. Also, well-known are the possible side effects of a vaccine provided by the people who are massively in debt and ready to sell their own brothers into slavery.

The Fed has engineered every collapse and recession, sponsored every foreign war, and are poised to break the back of the country with the greatest idea ever for humanity- man's individual freedom.Their mindset is exposed on basic fundamental levels. Here is a clip of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claiming taxes in the U.S. are voluntary. Acclaimed actor Wesley Snipes tried to not participate in paying taxes. His unwillingness to participate put him in jail for three years.

The Obama Administration is enjoying the oppressive bureaucracy created by former leaders. Obama's czars are poised to control all facets of life in America to consolidate the power for the elitists. The extensive bureaucracy's purpose is not to solve anything. Its existence will ensure its goal. Each position's responsibilities is to provide the needed lip-service, a photo-op as either the program continues to fail miserably or becomes an avenue for further oppression of peoples' freedoms. It seems that the more wasteful the program the more the federal government pushes for it. The Administration's meddling in the economy will create an entirely new system of caste and class instead of one based on hard work and profit-making and money. This disconnect is found up and down federal state and local government. It is the same reason Michelle Obama has a staff of 26 personal assistants costing the taxpayers over $1.7 million.

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