Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Arm And A Leg

It seems today that the Obama White House is bound to cram all their so-called reform down everybody's throat before anyone has a chance to thoughtfully think about he consequences. To characterize Obama as "pro big-government" would be a gross understatement. Obama doesn't have socialist tendencies or a left-leaning ideology- Obama is a fascistic, communist dictator waiting to seize as much power over American lives as peoples' judgement will allow.

Obama is trying to complete his fascistic takeover of the United States with the adoption of a governemnt-run health care program. The bottom line is this: government's involvement in health care will eventually end private health care. Several intricacies such as how long private industry will be able to survive could be debated. However, the end result will be the death of private medical practice. The government's existence in the market will drown out the rest of the private industry. The result of this will be worse health care for everybody not to mention less freedom.

The Obama White House is prepared to resort to any tactics to ram this bill through. They are claiming the current structure is economically untenable as they refuse to criminally investigate the Federal Reserve. On the White House's very own website they have devoted a job paid for by tax dollars to de-legitimize arguments and intellectually bully people to refrain from a genuine discussion of ideas critical of the health care plan. The bill is over 1000 pages lond and filled with questionable parts some of which authorize more obtrusiveness into peoples' lives.

Special thanks to Ms. Beverly Rae Lynch for the picture from her website, The Nothing Store, where she produces autographed counterfeitmoney just like the Federal Reserve. (Her picture appears in her bio)

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