Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Disaster of Government-Run Health Care

Government control of the health care system will be the death knell for the American people. If citizens ever considered a return back to the free market, they are clearly mistaken. With control of the health care system, the government will be able to dictate the terms of our physical lives. The free market will be phased out- what will be left is a system dominated by the interests of a few power hungry criminals whose goal for many years was to create an oligarchal society; the direct anti-thesis to the United States' Constitution.

Once the government began to bail out the banks, the motive has been very clear. There are different rules for some and different rules for others. Clear lines have been established between "wall street and main street" people through mainstream media brainwashing. Henry Paulson's forcible takeover, with the threat of martial law, should have alarmed Americans to the fact that they really didn't have anything to say about the situation. The Fed was going to take the money and the taxpayers were going to pay, either through compliance or force. This situation is similar to a terrible, lazy employee telling the owner he won't work and at the same time demanding a raise.

With control of the health care system, the government will have a monopoly over the industry within 5 years. The way this works is that the government is capitalized by a gigantic, never-ending slush fund funded by the American people. By undercutting the profit margins of all the private providers, the only possible result is government domination. Their very existence in the market will kill or make the market extremely unfair. After finances goe awry (which they always do because the government is an expense, never a profit-maker for the American people) the bureaucrats and the politicians will try to come up with ways to manipulate prices and develop a merit system for patients. Not only will the brightest medical minds be forced out of the field, but the caregiver to patient ratio with become disproportionate. The end result for the patient will be unfairness since the quality of care has decreased as has his/her right to take business elsewhere.

The patient will be forced to surrender his life to the state. Anyone who has lived through a political campaign can attest to the nastiness and cruelty that politicians are capable of. Trusting this corrupt government at this time would just be playing into their hands. The men who control the monetary supply have hijacked the world on the American credit card and desperately need to pay off their debt. Owning an entire health care system of an entire population is one way to pay off the loan. For example, old person dies with no relatives- the state retains their belongings. If purposeful drugs are administered that increase the turnover on these deaths, the state may be able to retain more and more belongings.

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