Saturday, July 11, 2009

One World Government?....Still A Conspiracy?

Well, here it is. What has been right in front of Americans' noses but just slightly veiled, is the clincher to complete the theft and rape of the world economy. Throughout the 20th century, these same "supranational" powers; banking interests that supersede all national jurisdiction, have used a mixture of economic and politcial muscle to consolidate their grip on the freedom of humanity. Whether they go by the name of Federal Reserve or International Monetary Fund, ultimately these are the same people who are protecting the failed currency with force.
Russian President Dmitri Medvedev recently displayed a coin which these conquerors hope will be the new world currency- which will make a One World Government. The threat of losing America's sovereignty has been uncomfortable discussion for America's citizens. However the loss of basic rights, this time will be catastrophic for future generations.

The new coin looks like an arcade token and is worth even less. The coin contains no precious metals such as gold or silver. Written on the coin is the Orwellian statement "Unity Through Diversity." As if constant recognition of the differences between groups of people and then legislating predjudice with "hate" laws was ever a beneficial thing for society. The blurring of the legal line has done nothing but aid the theft of monetary freedom. Thousand of jobs have been created to solidify the grip on monetary policy. All the major media companies, banks, and educational institutions have "played the game" with big business and chosen not question the legal transgressions as they have methodically accumulated to the present situation.

The fact remains that the Fed's debt is just that- theirs. This small group of people, secretive and driven by want of power, will try and implicate the American people into their debt. Most importantly, Americans need to remember that they have the power over the Fed and not the other way around. The Federal Reserve has created ALL of the economic problems since 1913 through its control of the interest rate and monetary policy.

The larger profit margins have been diverted to unhumanistic means such as militarism to fund the prosperous times (the booms) and especially to fund the recessions. Power is most definitely consolidated during the rough times because power continues to be concentrated in the hands of the men who created the first so-called problem. Until the Federal Reserve is abolished and the people allowed to see the real numbers, America will continue to suffer in the crisis. Until a sound currency is instituted, Americans will suffer the effects of inflation as the Fed's debt notes are rendered useless.

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