Thursday, July 2, 2009

What is America About?

On this Independence Day, a special salute out to you- the intelligent, thoughtful Americans. The National Pulse knows you are starting to recognize the lies and not be afraid by the oppressive forces of government. This publication would like to join and recognize the fact that we do not believe the lies. Through their all-encompassing tentacles such as the media, that control thought and public debate, they have been able to construct the situation to suit their needs. Thus, in an economic sense, the people exist to work for the government, instead of government protecting the rights guaranteed to the people through the Constitution. People are waking up to this fact as they see cameras taking pictures at every turn and taxes set to soar. People are tired of being in debt and are starting to understand the ramifications and possibilities of inflationary environments.

Leading the demise of the economy and ultimately the U.S. is Obama. A champion in the talent of doublespeak (reference to George Orwell's novel 1984), Obama is using a campaigning format to bully any detractors to refrain from rational thought. He has recently stopped so low as to
blame the Constitution for our country's ills. To a rational person, his speech is anything but sane. Let's review.

  • Obama nationalized the banks- that is, he pledged American citizens to pay back the loan with their labor and money.

  • Obama nationalized the auto industry

  • Obama's health care agenda is to nationalize the health care system because capitalism no longer exists in the United States.

In Obama's America, in order to make the "bold steps" like enslaving Americans to an even more unfair economic system, the Constitution must be sidestepped and subverted. But Americans are finding out and discovering their gumption. Take for instance blonde bombshell Heidi Montag, named by the National Pulse as Hottest Babe '09, who recently denounced many of Obama's policies which essentially are the veil to institute a veiled facism. She announce she would take a microchip "over her dead body." Very interesting, indeed, will be the attacks that are sure to follow Montag and her husband, Spencer Pratt. Courage is the antidote to the media's artificially constructed fear.

The awakening awaits. When all the people start to have a discussion about the brass tacks, they will in no time discover the source of their economic ills. If, however, people like the Obamatrons refuse to consider themselves to be worthy to decide how their lives should be governed, the situation will grow far worse. These people, the Obamatrons, are afraid to recognize the political hijacking, the debt, and the effect of that a war-mongering foreign policy has had on the nation with the best Constitution ever written. The National Pulse is determined to insure that the forces of freedom and brotherhood prevail instead of fascistic forced behavior. Don't be sheepish. Unless you enjoy being fleeced of the fruits of your labor year after year until you wake up homeless in the land your forefathers so conquered for you.

A special thank you and Fourth of July greeting to Mrs. Montag-Pratt for the awesome photo above left

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