Thursday, June 18, 2009

America Un-Invited to Monetary Policy Party

A recent poll showed that the public may be losing faith in Obama's decisions to solve America's problems. His ineffectiveness has been seen in every decision in the economy. Since the inauguration, Obama has played the part of the wolf in sheep's clothing, systematically selling America off into debt slavery to consolidate federal power- at any cost. If this means selling intrical and basic sovereign economic rights to foreign interests, Obama has proven that this is acceptable. The elite has informed Obama (inset, right) to preside over this bankruptcy, which will also affect America's political standing in the world. When the money runs out, or more likely becomes worthless, the military will mutiny or disintegrate. American troops will most likely then be driven from over 700 bases around the world.

George Will, noted establishment historian of everything from baseball to presidential politics, recently described the public as being "queasy" about the decisions Obama has made especially the most recent, giving the Federal Reserve even more power. This essentially amounts to, in Owellian doublespeak, the Fed to "rein in even more crises." Infamously, Rahm Emmanuel, a former member of the Israeli army, Israeli citizen and current chief of staff, was quoted saying "you never want to waste a good crisis."

If the Federal Reserve wasn't allowed to make the problem they couldn't wreck everything even more when they solve the problems.

Without knowledge about the economic plans, America continues to be easily cheated out of freedoms protected by the Constitution. Civil liberties are assaulted daily by the Depatment of Homeland Security. They desperately want to deliver innoculations to a terrified public. They have called for national I.D. card to trump state drivers' licenses. The new card will most likely have a global positioning chip and will have applications to be used as a controlled money or computer credit system. Further control has been taken to consolidate what is grown and what people are permitted to eat. Nationalization of the economy by the Fed, or driving the American people into debt, this game of monetizing the debt is up.

The world powers are poised to move ahead without the United States. Hu Jintao and ex-KGB Vladimir Putin, two leaders more accustomed to Communism and coersion than any American man of state, met in Russia to begin discussions about a new monetary policy; possibly a reversion back to a gold standard. It is unlikely that Jintao, a high-level Communist that committs atrocities to the human spirit of freedom daily, will be any sort of the savior America needs to go back to monetary freedom. The Chinese run over their own citizens with tanks in broad daylight. (Right: inset- Chinese protester prepares to be squashed by tank in protest of inhumanity)

This is why the bailouts and the apparent introduction of a new "gold standard" into an increasingly fascistic American society will only result in state-controlled gold price or, at the very least, manipulation or a combination of the two. The important aspect of this meeting is to realize that the Federal Reserve is now iced-out of making the rules. The "internationalist" banking structure with a few at the top have successfully "broken" the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. While "they" remain an elusive group at the very top of "international citizens, for now, at least, they will have to sit back and let others decide for the people they govern." (At inset, left: Putin)

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