Thursday, June 11, 2009

H.R. 1207

The vice is tightening on the fraudulent anti-Constitutional Federal Reserve banking system. The Fed's control of monetary policy- a dramatic shift from the intention of America's founding fathers, has enabled these international bankers to loot the country of trillions of dollars. The media has covered up repeated calls for an explanation as to the Fed's actions. The people have been lied to, taxed unfairly, and purposefully educated to be complicit in the Fed's recipe of Problem-Reaction-Solution. They should not make the decisions anymore.

The steps for resolution are becoming clearly fundamental. The Federal Reserve is the problem. They are the 500 lb. gorilla in the room that no one is willing to talk about. Representative from Texas, Ron Paul, has introduced a bill to audit the Federal Reserve. Currently, the bill has 207 co-sponsors and will likely receive a vote as perhaps the most historical bill ever brought to the floor of the House. Paul, the obstetrician, who has delivered more than 4,000 babies, may give new life to a terribly beaten Constitution. Monetary policy has been the major cause of America's problem. The creation of easy money has given the U.S. an unhealthy military industrial complex.

Ron Paul has meticulously and soberly driven his message since he took office in the 1970's. He is an Austrian economist- a school that believes a sound money system such as a true gold standard to be the fairest for the individual. The person who saves money is benefited in this system. The creation of new money is far slower that a paper money system, therefore, purchasing power is protected. The inability to create money by running the printing press constrains the politicians from legislating more government that results in either more taxes but definitely inflation. This is the hidden tax on the people- the rapid creation of new money that results in inflation; or the loss of purchasing power or depreciation of the currency.

The Fed, it is important to remember, owns EVERYTHING. This fact is seen in the vitriol of the Federal Reserve's detractors. Those who disagree with the Fed have a hard time understanding why other people can't see the terrible unfairness that the Fed's grip on monetary policy has had on the country. Government intervention has run its course- at first they meddled in the private sector and created a socialistic capitalism for the very rich. Now, with the bailout, they have nationalized the banks and the large corporations, essentially grand-fathering in the corporate structure on the backs of the taxpayers.

Besides hiring a corporate publicist to combat H.R. 1207, the Fed has taken to the air waves to spin the story their way. The point is they do not care. They have never cared about America or Americans. That is why Ron Paul's bill is so beautiful. It caps a lifetime of achievement for the Congressman truly fighting for the people by enforcing the Constitution. Ron Paul has never wavered or been like the other Federal Reserve sycophants. Ron Paul, because of his scholarship at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, has known for a long time what the aim of the private Federal Reserve bank was and the resolutions that should be made to cure America of this ill.

H.R. 1207 will soon be on the floor. A simple audit isn't much to ask. If this bill is refused....why? This would give all the more reason to open the Fed up to the light of day.

Much has been said about the extremist views of the recent old man rampager, who went off with a .22 caliber rifle in the Holocaust Museum in Washington. It's true, this man has some racist ideologies, but his thoughts about the illegality of the Federal Reserve system may have not been unfounded. A man committed the crime of murder. The press, however, has already chosen this murder above all murders that happen on a daily basis in any large American urban area. They will delve into the idea of "having" extremist views and how running with the pack is much safer than questioning any kind of authority. There is no doubt what the man did was tragic and wrong, however, the press has an ends associated with their means. The media is often the weapon used to pacify and bully the people not to question their authority. Soon, the Federal Reserve won't be able to distract Americans from the real problem with racism or faith or any of the other peripheral issues like the denial of the Holocaust. As it pertains to the sovereignty of America and future adherence to the Constitution is it in our interest to study the Holocaust nationwide as we are complicit in the theft of Palestinian land?

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