Monday, June 8, 2009

Obey the Constitution

What will happen when the dollar is finally un-viable? Nobody can truly know and predict all the details and nuances of what might happen when the dollar is inflationary on the street. What is certain, however, is if all the tangential and nuanced bits of the argument become the boundaries of possible problem-solving- then the people will drift into deeper stages of persecution and economic oppression. When this occurs, the debate is stymied from lack of freedom and the people, battered emotionally, want some sort of peace.

Ultimately, the gigantic reality of the original problem will expose the essential element of the problem. The current American currency is a fake, fiat currency based on credit and debt. The paper money used to be gold certificates backed by the physical metal. The Constitution explicitly states in Article 1 Section 10, "the Congress shall make nothing other than gold and silver in payment of debts." The fraudulent Federal Reserve, that took control in 1913, rapidly bastardized the currency throughout the 20th century, inflating the currency to fight wars as they consolidated most of the physical, hard assets. America was taken off the gold standard incrementally. A crucial move happened in 1933, when Roosevelt, one of America's most treasonous presidents, confiscated all of America's gold in the name of "patriotism."

Fake conservatives of the mainstream media like Joe Scarborough are trying to call for more regulation. Even one The National Pulse's most admired revolutionaries, H.Chavez, has it wrong when he blames the plight of economic collapse on capitalism and lasseiz faire, free market principles. Socialism is the direct antithesis to individuality. Obama's deception will be felt in jobs that his administration chooses to give to some of the people.

America's demise was constructed by an organization of crime families dedicated to the concept of controlling the money supply and what is used as money. This group is so scared about confrontation of their tyranny that they have hired a lobbyist(with your bailout money) to fight Ron Paul' bill to audit the illegal Federal Reserve, H.R. 1207. This bill, which The National Pulse has dubbed, The Horse of a Different Color,has garned more than 190 co-sponsors, from representatives whose constituents have been screaming to look behind the curtain. Instead, the federal force has become bolder in restricting the right of people to do what they want. They constructed a weak currency and ensured its demise and then tighten the vice of persecution by infringing on their humans' rights for the opportunity at prosperity.

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