Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Ever-Twisting Plot

The plot has thickened. The American economy is esssentially "dead" as Ron Paul has explained. The people who have for years controlled not only the majority of the money but also the terms of lending, are now monumentally in debt and with their backs against the wall. Before, this elite group was able to operate in the shadows, strategically plotting different ways to subjugate the entire mass of people in favor of ensuring their perrenial rule. The internet changed all that. Secretive deals were made harder to maintain as the light of day fell on the lies that have for so many years hidden the true culprits.

No one at this time can be sure, but it certainly appears as though the elite are trying to go down fighting using their sneakiness and the almost-dead mainstream press. Through assassination and
intrigue they have smothered insurrection before. With the press they have orchestrated public opinion and framed the debate to hamper thoughtful discussion. These forces are up to their same nonsense. As curious situation after interesting coincidence happen one after the next, is the public supposed to read the headlines and nod their head as if we believe the lies?

David Carradine, the star of T.V.'s Kung Fu was rumored to have been trying to expose secret societies, one of which his father happened to be a high ranking member- the Ordo Templis Orientis. Last week he was found hanged in a hotel in Thailand; hands bound. His death picture was then published in a Bangkok newspaper. The idea is to invoke terror. Then the press covers up the real crime. References are made about
Mr. Carradines' sexual tastes. But everyone gets that image in their head; a strangled body.

Seems everybody these days is laughing at the depantsed old guard as they scurry furiously. Leader of Ve
nezuela, Hugo Chavez, recently claimed the
CIA tried to kill him. This makes sense. The globalist forces that control the U.S. military are doing everything they can to get people on board to go to war with Venezuela's staunchest ally, Iran. In the economical transfer of wealth that is due to occur in the future, Venezuela stands to become a wealthier nation. Many in Venezuela see Chavez as a nationalist leader who seized the country back from foreign interests. Chavez' brand of socialism is a "reclaiming" kind of socialism. The National Pulse agrees- he should chuckle that he is more conservative that 'Comrade Obama.'

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