Thursday, May 28, 2009


President Obama recently declared the U.S. economy to have stepped back from the "brink." Brink of what? Obama has never been clear on what the crash of the economy would be for everybody. The vague notion of a "catastrophe" that is expounded by the Obama Administration is a giant, misleading falsehood. If the government were to initiate a move back to Constitutional economic principles, the system would struggle at first, yes, but then become prosperous once again.

Obama has grown accustomed to creating his own catch phrases and allegories. The problem is, there is no tangible basis for his argument. Like a good storyteller, he is invoking a scenario; a picture in the mind of a specific image. However, the image of cliffs or hanging on to precipices has nothing to do with the failing economy.

The actors and actresses in Hollywood aren't very good economists, either. Obama has used his hypnotic power of the monied elite in La-La Land. And, really, isn't this a match made in heaven? Looks are what matter right? The Obama Adminstration has made clear to movie stars and their publicists that the White House wants them- the movie stars to help save the world. Obama knows just how to play those people. He makes them think they are really important.

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