Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Grand Absurdity

We here at The National Pulse sometimes find it hard to keep up the intensity of fighting the tyranny. The problems are so unbelievably monstrous that it becomes very disappointing as decision after decision goes in support of the New World Order. Liberties have been eroded away; and the public, dumbed down by poor education and even worse food, has meekly complied. The economy has been nationalized with a few at the top getting a huge head start on the knowledge of what parts of the planned economy has been chosen for success. The brainwashing of the people has been a decisive factor in people self-imposing their own chains.

The silent weapon is the mainstream media. The gravity of the situation is hard to comprehend because in order to understand events in the present, one must understand what has preceded the events. Media has been consolidated and engineered to give the illusion of dissent, but in reality, indoctrinating public opinion to cover up the truth. Today, the differences in the solutions to the problem are so fundamental, the issues can't even be discussed. The power structure, in order to insure their own survival cannot allow light to be shed. Take for instance Dr. Paul when he was "interviewed" by the asshole, Ed, on the stupid Ed Show.....

Sooner or later, Americans will come to the realization that their government is unconcerned for their safety. They will realize that the secret to more freedom and happiness is a more localized life; free from the interference of the federal government. They will realize that if the FDA truly cared about food safety, there wouldn't be a McDonald's in every single town. People would be encouraged to organically farm instead of powerful food corporations trying to outlaw organic farming.

People will realize that if their government is capable of performing horrors to other human beings around the globe, they are capable of doing it to Americans. They will realize that their Constitution isn't just "a piece of paper," but a promise; intended to stop tyranny from ever occurring within the boundaries of America. Ultimately they will know that the spreading of "democracy" by force is just an excuse for perpetual war.
And then the people will realize that their education system has been nothing more than a shield to prevent young minds from discovering the reality of their own God-given freedom. Nationalized standards have pigeon-holed students to make sure that only a certain type of student will succeed. The nanny state has done nothing but bankrupt the country and dumb down the populace. Is it all just a bad dream?

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