Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On The Secret Societies

This picture is of I.M Pei's Pyramid structure near the Louvre in Paris, France. Building blueprints originally called for six hundred and sixty-six panels of glass. Actual construction, however, produced a slightly higher number of panels. Eyebrows were raised when the spec drawings called for 666 window panes, the number of the beast, twice in details.

The New World Order has been at work on many levels breaking the American people down physically and mentally. Secret societies, operating often behind the scenes, are influential in the political sphere. Not mentioned all that much is the myth of a unbiased press and their relationship to common political secret societies. This is where the secret societies and their inter- connectiveness is undeniable in its guilt. Structured much like the tiered-banking system, these societies answer to and are loyal to persons higher in the pyramid. By the geometric law of pyramids, the closer the intersection of the upright sides of the structure, the fewer the amount of people ultimately making the decisions.

The mainstream press has reluctantly and briefly covered a few of the societies. In the 2004 election they could not ignore the Skull and Bones Society because both men (Bush and Kerry) running for President of the United States were members. Skull and Bones is not your average fraternity. Its members become heads of state and spies. It was founded at Yale University in 1832. So, even if you think they are, don't call them stupid!

One of the more interesting and no less influential is the International Institute for Strategic Studies. This group contains the heads of other secret societies and is packed with influential members of the mainstream media and scholars at top universities. Fareed Zakaria is a member as is Council on Foreign Relations President, Richard Haass. The list and the web of secrecy and guilt go on and on and on.....

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