Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We the People

Soon, in our near future, we will all be asked collectively for a self-forfeiture of our rights. The globalists, like Henry Kissinger, think they have the game wrapped up. He has been purported to have said recently in a discussion with other new world order fascists, that the American people were ready for a New World Order. And he was quoted with, "By September we shall have confiscated all privately held guns so it really doesn't matter what we do, we'll still be in charge." Kissinger thinks about human life different than this publication and its readership. His is a cold, heartless disposition; he is flippant about death and struggle. He and the other elite believe they are on the perfect path and they feel they understand human action so well as to control the population by ultimately owning the food supply.

The National Pulse realizes some readers cannot fathom a situation in their neighborhood or town where this sort of fascism could happen. To those who still believe government is not out to seize complete control of all important aspects of your life, this publication says, OPEN YOUR EYES AND WAKE UP!!. Your kids will thank you for not being quiet like a bunch of sheep happy to be enslaved by a fraudulent monetary system and police state.

And...really....is it so hard to believe?

People have already accepted a ridiculous amount of un-Constitutional intrusion into their lives. The economy has been strangled. The privately-owned Federal Reserve didn't allow it to crash and have everybody awaken at the same time. Too many people would be broke and forced to rely on each other too soon. They are opting to drop the final hammer on a time of their choosing which can be seen right now in the market's current stalemate. There is a myriad of legislation being presented before Congress and none of it is good for freedom and liberty. Bills to outlaw organic gardening, gun confiscation in New York, and legislation to severely restrict the dissemination of information through the Internet are just some of the authoritarian pieces before Congress. Unfortunately, many of these will reach the floor. However, Ron Paul's H.R. 1207 to audit the Federal Reserve has received well over 100 co-sponsors and receives little or no press.

It seems people will not wake up until they are hungry and homeless in the land their fathers conquered. Zgbinew Brzezinski knows full well that there is going to be riots. People will be hungry.

In this case, the government will have to try to disarm the public for the "greater good and safety." The people, unaware of what just happened to their financial lives and who exactly created their dire situation, will be crazed. Some will become thieves to feed themselves and their families. Some of these thieves will shoot people and some will be shot. In the chaos, "law-abiding" citizens, those who still have a government job, will be asked to support a forfeiture of their second amendment right to protect themselves from the government. At this critical juncture they will have to choose between temporary comfort or freedom.

There is no doubt that when asked most people would deny they will ever give in to fascism. However, the path of least resistance has become the American trademark. The American people have already accepted a lot of intrusion into their personal lives. Big Brother, in the name of the "greater good" has lined cameras all over the grid tracking every move of Americans. The government has bilked money from citizens for seat belt infractions. Red-light cameras tax the people in the name of safety. Individual rights, the main theme of the Constitution is being destroyed for the "greater good."

The National Pulse hopes its readers never forget that the fascist ideas of rule by an oligarchy are very old. Freedom is a new idea that has been won in increments over the centuries. The whole world is watching America. Will they watch and comply as globalists plunge the world into chaos and create a brand new history with Tim Geithner in the role of hero? Or will they stand up for freedom and open up the real discussion and find the perpetrators of this attempt at enslaving humanity?

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