Monday, May 11, 2009

A Panicked Bully

Often bullies, when they are faced with the prospect of losing, will act in the most disgustingly savage manner. They will cry and then give up. And while the victor is walking away after the fight with his backed turned, they will attack with a cheap shot. The members of the shadowy Council on Foreign Relations are determined to have a war in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Richard Holbrooke, the free agent "diplomat/ambassador", has been in Afghanistan since Obama was elected to assess ways to switch the focus of war from Iraq to Afghanistan.

Since Bush all but abandoned the Afghan War against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, the Afghan campaign had been neglected. The Taliban grew stronger as did anti-American sentiment from the civilian population. Today the U.S. claims they are "chasing the Taliban into Pakistan." This is highly questionable. Militarily, apparently, this means that Pakistanti civilians are now "collateral damage" in the attempt to expunge the Taliban.

Faulty intelligence, designed by leaders who are looking for an excuse to make war, is causing the demise of the American military. As the people who are inherently good people wake up to the charade of chaos without moral gauge, the elite "illuminati" is resigned to proceed even faster. To the globalist fascists, the ends justify the means. They have no regard for humanity. During last week's air strikes, a white phosphorus bomb exploded over a largely civilian population. White phosphorus is a white powder that ignites with air and burns flesh. Over 130 villagers, including women and children, were severely burned.

The military with their minion, the press, have denied use of the bomb and instead blamed the Taliban. The Taliban denied it and The National Pulse believes them any day over the lies of the New York Times or Associated Press. Usually, white phosphorus is used to light up the night sky during wafare. Israel, during their siege on Gaza earlier this year, used white phosphorus during daylight hours in a civilian-populated region. The reaction from the Israeli military and the press was very similar. The British and American press actually blamed Hamas for bringing it on themselves and the people of Gaza. It is highly unlikely that NATO troops did not drop the phosphorus bomb on these villagers. Holbrooke is there to make the war happen, to disrupt peaceful human life and create chaos to further the ultimate ends of the new world order devils.

How much longer will the American military work decidedly against humanity and ultimately for the demise of the very country they swore to protect? It will be tough to notice it if the tide turns. With the military for the most part sworn to secrecy and the press compliant in the thirst for war, positive tide-turning news is constantly repressed. Random meltdowns may increase as the orders become more absurd. As soldiers witness the rapid decay of moral authority and the destruction of the mission, they will refuse to be part of the needless rape. But when?

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