Monday, May 11, 2009

Anti-War for America!

The brilliance of "anti-Semitism" as an idea has sped the New World Order to fruition. Anti-Semitism has come to be defined as hate-specific to a certain group of people- the Jews and their worldly ambitions. Many different predjudices exist in the world but only anti-Semitism is hatred of the Jews, specifically. Generations of Americans have been educated that anti-Semitism in any form is extremely bad. One who even suggests any negativity toward the Jews is branded as a genocidal maniac. And how is such a drastic conclusion made from the mere logic of question?

The Holocaust. The Holocaust is a pychologically traumatic experience revived frequently to remind people that questioning of the "Jewishness" of a social ill is unthinkable. American children in school have been inundated with the gory details of the concentration camps. The torture of the Jewish people in Germany is presented as one of the greatest calamities ever to fall on mankind. Specific attention is paid to the scope of the death, the millions; the wanton disregard for human life. Yet today, Israel continues the theft and rape of Palestine.

To be sure, The National Pulse abhors all violence that occurs everywhere in the world. This publication is curious, however, that over sixty years later, the Pope is today in Israel, apologizing for the Holocaust as Israel and the U.S. with Britain are trying to subjugate the entire world. The amount of violence, some of it genocidal, that has occurred since the Holocaust is staggering. The most recent genocide to receive little or no coverage was the tragedy in Darfur. Even in our speeded-up communications age, on a daily basis, the genocide in Darfur would take a back seat in the news cycle to a Roman Catholic priest in South America denying the Holocaust. A logical person has to conclude that something is amiss in the priorities of humanity.

In America, the new anti-Semitism is being spawned from the financial collapse and the unfettered U.S. support of Israel. Foreign wars have severly weakened the U.S. and the American public has been denied a serious discussion on how to remedy the situation. The public is constantly harassed by threat of law enforcement and forced to participate in an unfair financial system that is equipped with a massive media structure to distort the reality away from the public consciousness. The thought police are in panic mode as they try to censor the internet. All of these distractions now are happening boldly in the defiance of a real discussion.

Remember, anti-Semitism can be construed in a variety of ways. When Hugo Chavez nationalizes all the oil companies, foreign and domestic; he is anti-Semitic. When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls Israel a "racist" state; he is anti-Semitic. The U.S. has been manipulated by its own government to support the destructive regime of Israel. The top echelons of the elite structure are populated with Zionist Jews. As in anything, these wrong-doers should be prosecuted for their crime, not their ideology. But first, America needs to ask itself these questions:

  1. Does America absolutely need Israel as it relates to guaranteeing personal freedom and safety?

  2. Is usury, or the manipulation of credit and interest rates a financial direction we want to take future generations?

  3. Wouldn't a more localized economy and banking system be the way to start to improve the standard of living?

  4. Are indiscriminate airstrikes the way to bring peace?

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