Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Bullies- the U.S. and Israel

All bullies are loathsome. Even more despicable is the bully's buddy- usually smaller in stature and even more mean-spirited than the bully himself. The bully's toady often starts most of the problems and tortures the victims cruelly. However, when someone finally stands up to the large bully, the smaller bully, who enjoyed power behind the stronger, bigger bully is the first to run away.

Large private banking institutions have for years used the United States to bully the world to protect their interests. Israel has benefited greatly from the United States' economic and military strength. It is time for America to end this "special relationship." They need to grow up and stop bullying everybody because the rest of the world isn't going to be in a position to accept the abuse from the once-super power. Hugo Chavez recently kicked out all of the foreign and oil companies and absorbed all the profits for Venezuela.

So where the United States used to dominate, they are becoming increasingly at risk to get beat. Forces are spread all over the globe chasing down the illusion of an enemy to keep the raping, pillaging empire going. Richard
Holbrooke is in Pakistan acting as referee, making sure both sides, Pakistan and the Taliban are equipped to start a war. It is a mistake to believe this high-ranking CFR member is in Afghanistan to secure the peace. He is bypassing the State Department and the Defense Department. He is a "lone ranger" making his own rules with his own staff. And the whole time backed by the might of the United States. Whose wishes is he fulfilling?

Holbrooke and his conniving will take a back seat this week to the other meeting in Egypt between Bibi Netanyahu, the militant Zionist terrorist, and Barack Obama. This meeting is sponsored by another high- level Council on Foreign Relations member, Zbiginew Brzezinski. In Egypt, do not expect Obama to stand up to the Jewish state on a myriad of transgressions against the Palestinian p
eople as alluded to by the mainstream media in recent weeks. Instead, look for Netanyahu to get most of what he wants in the war of rhetorical progression toward "holding Iran accountable." Obama and Joe Biden have hinted that they want the Jews to stop the settlement of Palestinian lands. This is just posturing as they march to war against Iran- to this day a nation without a Rothschild-owned bank.

On Saturday night, Obama hosted the Press Corp. Dinner. This is usually a time for jokes. This time, however, it was a time for uncomfortable laughter. With worldwide collapse imminent and the country now a socialist state, there was little to laugh about. This time, with much of Hollywood in attendance, it was abundantly clear how very much both Obama and the press need each other. The papers are bankrupt and need taxpayer money to keep them publishing. The establishment needs the mainstream publication to keep the lies up and stay in control of the debate. The actors and actresses were asked to come along to distract everybody from the absurdity of the dinner party. Hey, if we are making money, it's all good,.... right?

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