Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Importance of Gold

In world removed from "national" politics, where the real moves are made, the conversations are very basic and fundamental. The shadowy elite- those to which national boundaries make no nevermind- focus on gold in the manipulation of the entire world. Where nations do not exist, the owners of most of all the gold ever mined in the history of the world operate behind the shadows of national patriotism and the law structure of nations. The "illumined" understand the argument is very simple. Without most of the gold, a fiat currency is impossible without the use of authoritarian force. It is nowhere as complicated as the central bankers and Keynesian communist economists have made the subject of gold for the American people. The truth has been buried since 1913 despite the fact that the Constitution displays in explicit language the role of gold in our beautiful country.

Right now, the International Monetary Fund, the private bank of the ruling elite seeking a new world order, is considering dumping a whole bunch of gold on the market. The National Pulse sees right through this bluff. The IMF hopes that flooding the market with gold will drive the gold price down and encourage faith in the dollar. Flooding the market with 13 million ounces of gold WILL drive the price down. That is true. However, this time the game is up.

People understand inflation and paper money and the funding of war to make bubbles in the economy. The fluctuating economy based on war and government-induced paper money system of slavery must stop. When the gold goes on the market this time, people will buy it up as fast as they can and start their OWN economies.

America is only 200 years old and the promises of freedom of ideas laid out in the Constitution have been covered up by the treachery of an illegal power structure designed to limit the very freedom insured by the Constitution. These evil groups each answer to each other and in toadying respect insure the slavery of
all people. The mainstream media is COMPLETELY owned by these forces. The correct decisions are easy to see. The important thing is to see why they are not happening- IT IS ON PURPOSE!!

However, the IMF's loss of the gold will ensure the loss of power. The power to make the rules will no longer be subject to their decisions. This is why they won't sell the gold. The illusions matter in the world of public opinion but in banking, the choices are very clear. The mistaken globalist forces still think they have cards to play. Even as the Boston Globe is bankrupt and being bailed out by the U.S. administration, they are using the mainstream media to incite domestic panic, shroud war, and disguise theft.

Gold's value is intrinsic. Gold retains its value over time. Use of gold as a currency insures a finite substance will be used in exchange for good and services. Needless foreign wars cannot be fought with a sound monetary policy. A sound currency insures that the mo
ney that government receives from the people is used wisely or not at all.

The mainstream media goes out of their way to skew the view of gold and its value. They refer to it as a "commodity" as if in dentistry and electronic devices were its only real use. Yeah, right. And that is why it $900 an ounce! To talk about gold as a currency would expose our country's real problems- a hijacked foreign policy and debt- which makes the citizens slaves of the government. An inflated currency which inevitably promotes debt leads to an unstoppable expansion of government jobs and the inevitable increase in taxes.

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