Monday, May 4, 2009

Human Conditioning

Conditioning is designed to elicit a response. People who have dogs as pets can relate to conditioning. Dr. Pavlov was able in his experimental studies with dogs to create an association between food and the ringing of a bell. After a couple of meals preceded by a ringing bell, the mere ringing of the bell, not the sight or smell of food would cause the dog to salivate in expectation of a meal.

The international financiers that control most of the world are making a play for domination. The global elite, in their quest for a new world order, are hoping to create the same kind of conditioning on people as they coax away their rights and steal their assets to pay off their enormous debt. The elite, sponsored by the British Empire, Israel, and the U.S., have run up a gigantic debt. China has bought the debt. They want one of two things. They want either their money paid back without depreciation in the dollar or a controlling stake in a one world currency. The International Monetary Fund doesn't seem willing to give them either and this is bringing the problem to a head. It is unlikely they will sell their gold either which would cause them to lose all the power they have accumulated over the centuries.

If they were to sell their gold the price would drop considerably but would not deter buyers from buying. This would be a death knell for the central bankers and they would no longer be able to "protect" their interests all over the globe. A more likely scenario is more restriction and an eventual martial law situation with confiscation of all hard assets from the American people.

The engineered "swine flu scare" is a perfect example of tangential fear created by the mass media to drive people into a panic while lawmakers and enforcers methodically and incrementally steal their rights. To most American ears, the prospect of internment is a long-shot theory, if not an impossibility. Concentration camps in America are operational, however, and have been for some time. Click on the letter to read what most Congressmen have known now for over a decade.
The plan is simple, really. Use Americans love of country and naivete against them. Most Americans think their government is out for their best interest, even as they continue to run up astronomical debts and make terrible foreign policy decisions that endanger all Americans. Inexplicably, people are incapable of believing their sinister aims even when the lies are exposed. Incrementally, the public is prepared psychologically for mandatory inoculations and quarantining. This swine flu scare was a mere dry run.

How do we at The National Pulse know? Mainstream media told us. If you know where to look the answers are right there for you. These days, the coyness has taken a back seat to bold action. The elite know their time is short. The next time, the epidemic will probably be more real than this one. Now that Homeland Security has federalized law enforcement and health organizations, the internment and inoculations of Americans will go smoother. But really, this isn't the ultimate aim of the government. They have got to pay their debt and do it without losing any decision-making power in the process. So they need to imprison a lot of people and confiscate their valuables.

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