Friday, May 1, 2009

Let Us Solve the Problems, This Time

The economic riddle the current establishment structure has provided for the United States is very similar to the situation in Iraq. The answer is a fundamental one and once it is bypassed in discussion, the problem is assured of never being remedied. Since the same people are constantly creating worse and worse decisions for the human race, the change needs to have something to do with that. The current elite have worn out their formula: Problem- Reaction- Solution.

With the economy, it is important to remember that up to the 2007 world market crash, there were no longer any gold standards in the world. Gold is an interesting material; mysterious sometimes in the discussion because the monied-elite prefer not to discuss gold as the currency.

The only thing government creates is debt. Government is unproductive as is they are bound to be a service that makes no profit but actually loses. When the government holds the power over the money supply, that is, the creation of more money to the overall supply, the individual becomes the slave by financing the government's debt. And the last time The National Pulse checked, paying taxes in the United States of America was not voluntary as Harry Reid ridiculously suggests here.

With a pure gold coin standard, politicians cannot vote on a budget that allocates any more money than is already in the banks under the government's name. Because gold is a finite substance, as a currency, gold retains its value. It is important to remember that the dollar's representation of gold is more a reflection of the value of the dollar.
The answer for the economy to right itself is not for government to jerk the reins one way or the other. The thing to do is let go completely of trying to manipulate and supposedly "solve the problem." With the bailout the government screeched to a halt all transactions. Now, they hope to steer borrowed money to a select bunch of companies. And the American public is supposed to watch Jim Cramer to find out what he/she should invest in. The idea is absurd. Especially when what is needed is a dramatic overhaul of the economic system and a transfer of wealth not so much from the rich to the poor but from the powerful to the subjugated. On a true gold standard with individuals united under a Constitution, it would allow the individual to retain their purchasing power- the right to a sound currency.
On foreign policy, the U.S. should begin by recalling all combat troops out of the war zone and home to their families. Then, the U.S. should set upon a steady dismantling of military presence in all foreign countries.

At home, when the government is done strangling everybody, including the large box stores and international corporations who have stolen from the American people, the U.S. should abolish the Federal Reserve and hold it accountable for the crimes it has perpetrated on the American people.

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