Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Economic War

BoRiNG!! BORINGG!!! ...BORRRRRing!! Last night the President went through the drill of debate control with a press conference designed to give the impression of an honest Q and A session. See, for Obama and the corrupt bankers, the object is to talk about the issues that are safe. Not only are they meant for distraction, but even the questions are packed with untruths to distort every body's reality and create huge confusion.
The President was asked about Chrysler last night. Should they be bailed out? First off, private companies should never be bailed out because it forces prejudice into the free market. Pontiac, the car manufacturer, went out of business. A lot of businesses in America have gone under. The argument for the bankers was that they were "too big to fail." Yet, Lehman Brothers, the hedge fund/ bank/ mortgage underwriter/you name it, was allowed to fail.

The White House is constantly making statements and then quickly and profoundly contradicting itself very soon afterwards. Just mere months after the banks were given the biggest bailout in the world because they were too big to fail, FDIC Chairman Sheila Bair recently said that "too big to fail should be thrown in the dustbin."
Purposefully, the White House and Media are in tandem breaking down the barrier of what is reality by not asking the correct questions and getting fundamental answers. The nation is broke. By controlling the debate, the elite-controlled private companies are looking for:
  1. A way to escape the debt they have rung up on the backs of Americans.

2. A way to escape not only from crimes against humanity, but to continue in the future to dictate the terms of monetary policy which is essential to freedom.

The National Pulse encourages the President to just tell the people that the bankers have seized the country by force and are prepared to use law enforcement to imprison the people if they object. America has been reduced to a third world nation because he and the bankers have taken over this country. The sad part is, it seems everybody understands this dimished role outside of the United States. Here we still hear about U.S. magnificience even though realistic, logical thinkers all around the world know this isn't the case. The United States is now at the mercy of a host of historically poorer nations. However, this time the game of lending, monopolizing other countries' money supplies, is over. The trick Obama wants to pull off is slow deterioration of the sovereignty of the country all in breakneck legislative speed. This is the key to the four corner basketball stall with Obama at point guard. To do this there cannot be a lot of thought or debate. This is why Emmanuel spent all week wining and dining the press elite. Obama needs the mind-numbing questions. The questions he needs are the ones so boring Americans can't help but turn the channel. Much distraction and little scrutiny is what is needed when it becomes time to tell Americans to "sacrifice" for the world and at the same time be reduced to accepting the extremely restrictive rule of an authoritarian state, subject to mind control and economic destitution.

The International Monetary Fund is nothing more than a different name for the Federal Reserve owners. The different names are part of the facade meant to cloud the rulers behind the scenes. Take for instance the youngest member Kristin Forbes. Much like Timmy Geithner, they have not spent their whole life in "public service" as Geithner likes to tell all the ignoramuses in Congress and get away with it. They have spent their career in private banking companies bouncing from faction to faction creating a false reality to steal immorally from the American people for years.....generations.

So...for ever, until the entire system actually collapses, it is extremely clear and apparrent that Obama will talk with seeming compassion when the opportunity presents itself. He will discuss swine flu instead of
martial law and quarantining people in concentration
camps. He can order, with genuine concern, for Americans to wash their hands and see a doctor and at the same time place a good amount of blame on the sick. Obama can warn the economic sky is falling and then have the Chairman of the FDIC quickly thereafter say to throw "too big to fail" in the dustbin. The scam already worked and he can go back to it at any time. The media is complicit in this kind of truth-shrouding. Their way of life depends on him.

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