Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EXTRA! Read All About It!

Like a cornered animal, the Administration is desperately trying to spin the story their way. Obama's chief spin doctor is Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. This week he is hard at work with the so-called "elite" media, trying to devise a plan to color the terrible results of the bank stress tests. Obama staffers are wining and dining the other side of the press. That's right. It is now the left side of the media's turn to cover up and distract.

What FOX News was to the Bush Administration, other left-leaning institutions are being called upon to sway public opinion in favor of socialist government. This isn't asking too much from the established media. Large media outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post have for years shrouded the global elite's plan for a one world government. David Rockefeller even went as far as to thank these institutions for their treachery of the American people. The media's very life depends on the Administration's success- or the general public continued ignorance and servitude. Most established news organizations are at a crucial crossroads. Many are broke or about to be broke. There has even been some ridiculous suggestions of giving the media a taxpayer supported bailout. Seriously, why would America even think about bailing these institutions out? Because they have been so honest in their defense of liberty? Hardly.
Yes, it is true that many will blame the Internet for the old media's demise. However, people still enjoy reading the physical paper. That is, when what is printed seeks the truth and the best interests of the American people. This is why Americans are rejecting them. Because they are part of the problem of misdirection and distraction. They have shrouded the truth for so long, they have no alternative but to meet in secret with the son of a Zionist terrorist and devise ways to deceive and trick America.

So, step off New York Times, it is The National Pulse's turn to expose your evil ways.

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