Monday, April 27, 2009

Is The "Great Surrender" Apparent?

Officials in the U.S. and in the world, who have dictated the terms for decades are on the run. The people that have profited economically from pillaging other countries' resources and then using American foreign policy to defend their interests- their time is coming rapidly to an end. The outbreak of the laboratory-cultured swine flu is their last ditch effort to incite chaos and fear into the American public. Even as more and more people are awakening to their sinister aims of martial law and population control, they are forging on with their plan of stealing and enslaving.

What will Obama say when they tell him to impose martial law? Will h
e even announce it? Chances are no, probably not- Janet Napolitano probably will. Because in Obama's and his follower's delusion of America, there are still checks and balances in the different parts of government. It is tough to know what he will act like when he has to start telling the outrageous lies. Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton got mad at the media and the American public. Check out Nixon's meltdown on the press after the Saturday Night Massacre after nobody would fire the men trying to expose his Watergate treachery. Here Bill Clinton tells the fattest whopper ever and gets mad at everybody who thought he was wrong.

It is tough to say what he will say. He has had a lot of practice. He usually coolly spins a yarn and then ......goes shoots some hoops with North Carolina. His way is to impose martial law and then go on Monday Night Football or Saturday Night Live. The Obamatrons are that clueless about the quest for one world government. Just in case you thought Obama was a virgin to treachery, The National Pulse just happens to have some goodies from Obama's young career right here.....

During the campaign he marginalized and denied the globalists desire for currency consolidation by the international financiers and Obamatrons nervously laugh about the loss of American sovereignty. It is true, Obama is not a member. He has spoken there. Michelle Obama is a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This is just about the same. Another globalist group packed with Council on Foreign Relations members figuring out how to best use their power and influence to transfer the freedom of America to a foreign power. It is interesting how Obama describes the Council on Foreign Relations as a little informal group that just has discussions about foreign policy. Immediately after Obama was elected he packed his Cabinet with high ranking CFR members. Created in 1921, this group has been crucial in systematically involving the U.S. in destructive wars since World War II and have been instrumental in preventing the U.S. from regaining their economic freedom since the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. To find out more about the CFR, click here. To get the crowd riled up is part of his deftness as an orator. The people do not even realize what they are hearing. Here they applaud loudly for Obama's forced servitude plan.

The editors of The National Pulse first became aware of Obama's treachery in
discussions about the North American Union. His lies continued on discussions of foreign policy. On the discussions of war and what to do about Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama relied on the ridiculous failure of the George Bush presidency. Though it sounded like steps toward peace in an already terribly jumbled situation, really it was a blueprint for perpetual war. He agrees with the public that it was the bad thing to do, however now we can't leave. Oh, yeah, and we will go back chasing warlords over the hills in Afghanistan. See, this is a very clever misdirection that set up his candidacy perfectly with sound hedges for his argument . The question is, will there be peace or more war?

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