Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Art of the Sellout

The National Pulse has often been accused of being too harsh on Barack Obama. People want Obama and America to succeed. The National Pulse wants America to succeed.  However, this page is most worried about this victory because the ends desired by this administration and the elite that have owned this country for almost 100 years is not the situation his supporters envision (Click here for more on the 1912 election funded by the Federal Reserve that elected Woodrow Wilson).   It is hard to fathom this very real plan that started before Barack Obama was born.  He obviously has no idea what it means to be American.  Our Constitution guarantees we don't have to bow to any leader regardless of the accepted protocol.  Because OUR protocol says, "WE DO NOT BOW, EVER."

At this point, Obama, to preserve his own political life, has nothing to say about it. The game to forge a new world order is in fast-forward. This solution for this created problem has got to be solved now. Obama has merely been chosen as the elite's salesperson to make the transition from freedom a feel-good experience for the American people as they throw their liberty away for authoritarian rule.

Aside from Ron Paul, who is the most consistent in the defense of liberty, every so often, a light within the ranks of the two parties will start to shine. This Republican or Democrat will start attacking horrible policies or bills on the floor of either wing of Congress. Viewers will begin to relate to this person and think, "Hey, this person finally gets it. He/She understands what I want as a citizen." Many times, ultimately, this sellout will end up retracting their views, or be attacked and marginalized, thereby destroying the entire movement. The media focuses on the person linked to the idea, painted with a wide brush, and ends up destroying all others who entertain those same ideas. This is part of the cruel joke played on Americans living in the two-party
 system. They still believe they living in a free, democratic society.  The truth is that there is one party- two leaning up against each other to make controlling debate much easier than one party.  The appearance is one of competition and differences of opinion but they are all in the same business-  POWER.

Other times, a lawmaker will just be too ignorant of the entire picture to truly make a difference. A perfect example is the unbelievable idiocy of Rod Blagojevich. Mr. Blagojevich had a chance to blow the entire ponzi game of the Federal Reserve banking system apart. Many people, entranced by the media forget why he was REALLY ousted from office.

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