Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Obama vs. Internet

The U.S. Government has been setting the stage for a severe crackdown on the internet capabilitites of Americans. Recently, there has been a rash of news about attempts to censor the internet. The recently bankrupted "mustache pete" mass media newspapers are desperately trying to stop the internet freight train of unfettered freedom of communication. This is all rooted in a deap seated fear with which government officials make their choices. Because the people now exist to fund their foreign wars and bailouts, America has lost sight of the guarantees explicitly laid out in the Constitution.

The news about censoring the internet is all over the place......and all of a sudden, too!

The government is now in charge of all the central "available information" planning. The policy of the Obama Administration has never been to increase the amount of available internet availablity. "Availability" means not only the number of physical terminals but also in regards to un-restriction of all sites in the web. If someone is committing crimes on the or through the use of the web, then prosecute the crime. Obama's internet restriction will "grandfather in" corporations' rights to internet access over indiviuals' rights. Long-standing Senator Jay Rockefeller (D, West Virginia) of the Rockefeller bankster family, recently cited the internet as a most central threat to U.S. national security.

The newspapers are bitter and still think they have a stake in shutting down the internet. Most newspapers were reluctant to go the way of their brethren and open a website. Eventually all the large traditional news papers did, and now the are all dead roughly within 20 years. A newspaper going out of business is an excellent indicator of a failed currency. The quarters kept depreciating and profits were no longer capable to be speculated. Clearly, the old newspapers have been on their last legs for a while. More people get their news from the internet now, more than ever in the history of the world. Many of the newspaper consuming culture now owns a lap top or has daily access to some type of personal computer.

Oh, and by the way, Associated Press, sorry to hear about your troubles, the National Pulse offers you as much sympathy as you offered the people when you faithfully reported day after unbelievable day about Britany Spears and everything but what was important to our safety and security. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. P.S. Thanks for the link!!

A national security threat is a good way to set the tone for seizure of the individual communication highway. After all, how would anybody know anyway if the U.S. corporations have merely sold a bunch of Americans' personal information to the Chinese and the Russians? The Federal Reserve is in extreme debt with no solution in sight. What better way than to let people ask for forfeiture of their individual freedom of information? The Chinese will demand it anyway.

Who knows if the grid was ever really breached? The press has let the thieves run wild and won't even tell on their fake fear-mongering now.

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