Monday, March 30, 2009

The Silver Lining

The Obama Administration is preparing to greatly increase taxes on the American people.  Sure he will claim the taxes are necessary sacrifices, but, he is really only interested in government getting to "wet their beak." Above and beyond the normal income taxes collected by the IRS and the Fed to fund foreign wars and the domestic police state, the Obama Administration will create all sorts of new taxes. "Sin " taxes on cigarettes and alcohol will fit in with his "preventive" area of health care policy. Regressive taxes like the taxes on gas and cigarettes hurt the poor people most because of the frequency. These taxes coupled with inflation will severely hinder a larger swath of people.  

So far, the first hundred days of Obama has been to steal as much from the people while the U.S. dollar is still viable and then seize the time of the American people's workday. His shameless promotion of volunteerism is a huge clue of the state slavery about to be imposed. Obama's new currency or "gained benefits from a job" will likely have new rules attached with it; money may not even be earned or used universally at most businesses anymore. It is very possible that consumers will have to have specific lines of credit with each institution they patronize. Thus, a person's account will consist of no money- just an arbitrary number attributed (arbitrarily, and by the corporate owners of the businesses) to the number of goods purchased. Because the stimulus package is scheduled to pump trillions of new dollars into the system, the inevitable result will be inflation- or rather, not just inflation but hyperinflation. Hyperinflation is the term to describe the devaluation of the currency to absolutely nothing.

This problem with the currency lends itself a large, important question: What should I do with my money?

The National Pulse strongly supports a 100% gold coin standard. Gold and other precious metals such as silver have stood the test of time, retaining their value throughout millennia. Even today, when the value of gold goes down or up, it is merely a reflection of the terrible stability of the dollar. The dollar's fluctuations have been critical for the success of the tyrannical corporate takeover of the United States. Each day since the stimulus, select corporations have consolidated their wealth while the American people have lost purchasing power.

Gold remains at over $900/ounce but silver has been the sleeping giant. At $13.20/ an ounce, silver remains a great buy to take back your wealth from the evil thieves of fascism. Many theories abound on why silver is a great currency buy, but here is one big one:

Historically, when America was on the gold standard (America was taken off the gold standard completely in 1971 by Richard Nixon), the price of silver was set at a ratio of 16 ounces of
silver  to one ounce of gold. Silver has always played second fiddle to gold. However, given the rigidity of economical ratios within a pure gold standard, relationships between precious metals do not vary greatly. So, with the price of gold currently at $900/ounce, the price of silver should be at about $56.25/ounce. Or, maybe, the price of one ounce of silver shouldn't be determined in dollar value but by consumer demand. In that case, silver could be an excellent instrument to bring America back to a position of economic majesty.

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