Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Distraction and Disinformation

This week at the G20 economic meeting in London, U.K., the pro-global politicians of the world are meeting to discuss the eventual break up of assets at low discount prices. Specifically, many of the assets in question are United States assets. Despite being bombarded by virulent hatred by protesters, Obama has met dignitaries like prime minister of Germany Angela Merkel and P.M. of the United Kingdom Gordon Brown. Obama even met briefly and discreetly with the queen. Obama also met with Chinese #1 Hu Jintao- but refrained from discussing something actually important like the currency problem that is upon the world.

Although close to 40,000 were jammed into the financial areas of downtown London protesting that governments obey their wishes, the mainstream media reported weakly on the
ramifications of a global currency and world government will have on human freedom. International bankers have fleeced the world of most of the wealth, jeopardizing everyone, and yet they are still operating with impunity using the services of professional law enforcement and all sorts of state of the art machinery to protect them against attacks from dissenters.

Two stories have dominated the headlines of the mainstream media's coverage of the G20: what Michele Obama wore to meet the queen (and a ton of reportage about the accessories that go with an outfit) and wrongful characterization of the protesters. The first is distraction, and the second is disinformation and intellectual peer pressure. The protesters were never referred to as being against thievery or against a global government. Instead, the mainstream press reported that the protesters were, "anarchists, anti-capitalists, and money-haters." The press' game is to try to minimalize the true vitriol that people should have against tyrannical government forces who are stripping them of the rights and their wealth. The press is yet another tool to disinform the public and lighten the blow of oppression. By making the
protesters out to be on the fringe of society entices many to accept the yoke of slavery. Corporate domination funds their own enemies, like carbon tax activists, to take steam away from the resistance movement.  These activists, though often good hearted are mistaking the thief for the savior.  Their protest turns from defense of the earth's resources into some sort of weak petition to large corporations to take away more freedom from people through taxation.  These activists are not cognizant of the fact that large corporate interests do not need them or their support and actually wish to enslave them as much as will allow. 

The days of the newspaper and the dollar system are numbered. The dollar system has been debased so badly that it is dead and will not be able to revive the defunct so-called "professional" journalistic institutions. Bankruptcy is upon the U.S. anyhow, so a free press during the ensuing market strangulation would not be productive for the bankers to maximize profits. Also, the largest American debt holder, the Chinese, prefer to have a limited press so the usefulness of the old newspaper companies has run out.

In the future "the news" will exist mostly in cyberspace. The corporate forces that control America will let others, like the Chinese or Russian corporations, influence other hot-button issues like internet freedom. They probably feel, 'some battles can't be fought right away.' Very similar must be the feeling Obama and Geithner have about announcing their quest for a global currency. Though the disbelief of the elite's grab of
a new world order was a conspiracy theory to some people, that time is upon us.  The press lets the global centralizers to be elusive enough to stave off the heat until they have started the foreclosure of the country. Soon parcels of the American landscape will be foreclosed upon and sold off to start paying off the debt of the U.S. in hard assets- not in inflated Federal Reserve notes.

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